Synastry aspect

Synastry Aspects

The Top Five Synastry Aspects for a Significant Relationship

Synastry is the comparison of birth charts of two individuals. The charts are analyzed to determine the compatibility level between these individuals. The positions of specific planets are analyzed. These positions are known as ‘aspects.’ The aspects (alignments of planets) can either cause issues in a relationship or lead to smoothness in it.

Squares and quincunx are problematic aspects. Meanwhile, trines and sextiles maintain a smooth relationship. Oppositions can be beneficial or harmful depending on their nature.

In this article, we will tell you the five best synastry aspects for a relationship. Following are the five best synastry aspects for a relationship.

Sun/Moon/Ascendant Aspects

Synastry Aspect

The three most significant planets and luminaries in synastry are Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. They are responsible for the emotional reactions and behaviors that occur from the interaction between two people. Ascendants and Sun signs of two individuals are responsible for determining the initial attraction between two people when they meet. The Moon signs determine the emotional intensity and development of emotions and reactions according to them as two individuals meet again and again. If trine, sextile, or conjunction aspects are present between any of these three planets and luminaries, the compatibility between two people will develop to a high in the coming few days.

Venus Aspects

Synastry Venus

As per Roman astrology, the goddess of love is Venus and is solely responsible for matters of the heart. However, in Indian and Western astrology, Venus is the flag bearer of love as well as beauty, self-worth, values, and aesthetics.

Harmony between Venus and the other person’s birth chart connotes love and peace. Venus connotes strong attraction, intimacy, and love. The effect that it creates will depend on which planet it forms a conjunction with. For example, Venus and Moon form conjunction, the relationship between two individuals will be romantic and intimate.

However, if Venus forms an opposition with Pluto or any of the other two outer planets, they will dominate Venus. One person in the relationship will be dominated, and the other will be dominant. The dominated one will keep fighting for recognition, their self-worth, and to hold to their values. The relationship will have power struggles.

Mercury Aspects

Synastry Mercury

Mercury is responsible for communication between two individuals. If it has formed a positive aspect, the communication between the couple will be smooth and good. Both will be able to put their point across to each other.

A Mercury trine Sun aspect indicates strong bonding and good communication between two people. They will respect and understand each other. Meanwhile, Mercury/Moon aspect fosters two people to share their feelings in depth. They will care for each other and share their fears. A harmonious Venus aspect fosters the two people to talk to each other and sort out their issues.

Mars Aspects

Synastry Mars

Venus is the flag bearer of romance, but Mars is the flag bearer of sexual attraction. If Mars forms a good aspect with another planet, the relationship will have fulfilling sex and the partners will have their physical desires satisfied.

For example, if Mars forms an aspect with Moon, the couple will enjoy steamy sex with emotional strings attached to it. Another good aspect that Mars could form is with Venus. It speaks of sexual fire, passion, and good intimacy.

Relationship Planets conjunct Seventh House

Synastry 7house

It is not an aspect in the traditional sense but quite beneficial in synastry. However, it has a few conditions that shall be looked into detail before deciding by the mere existence of your love interest’s planets in your seventh house.

We assume that if our love interest’s planets fall in our seventh house, they are our future partners. However, this is far from the truth. Also, although both the people feel these overlays to the seventh house, it is the person in whose seventh house planets of the other fall, who views the other as a potential future partner. For example, if your Venus falls in my seventh house, I might consider you an ideal person to marry and the perfect partner for me. You will be aware of my sentiments for you and will respond to them. However, your reaction, positive, negative, or kind of neutral will depend on my impact on your chart.

Perhaps let’s put my planets in your tenth house, the house of career, the eleventh house, the house of friends, and the third house, the house of communication. Other planetary contacts may reflect attraction, but overlays of these houses are of love and friendship but not of intimacy. Thus, you might view me as your friend who you relate to and interact with but not see me as a potential partner as I see you. Thus, the eleventh house does not always connote attraction and romance but friendship too. For relationship compatibility to exist both people shall have the same impacts of planets in each other’s seventh houses and charts.