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Aries: Silly toothy smiles, wide grins, confident smirks, the most innocent and genuine smiles of them all

Taurus: Beautiful smiles, doesn't-like-showing-teeth smiles, subtle smiles, eyebrow-raised smiles, careful smiles

Gemini:  Smirk galore, I-Know-something-you-don't smile, smiling at a joke they told themselves in their head, wide and mischievous and cunning grins

Cancer: : Scrunched-up-nose smiles, cute and giggly smiles, covering their face smiles , biting their lips and fighting smiles, nostalgic and sad smiles.

Leo:  Radiant smiles, tilting-their-head smirks, flips-hair and smirks, confident smiles, that smile just before a laugh

Virgo: Graceful smile, half-hearted smiles, pursed lips leading into a smile, careful smiles, quiet -charm smiles

Libra: kind and pleasant smiles, admiring-someone's -beauty smile, small smiles, covering-their-mouth-while-laughing smiles, smooth and easygoing smiles

Scorpio: Smiling with eye contact, intimidating smiles w/mixed signals, I-just-figured-you-out smirk, I-love-you-but-I-hate-you smile, quarded and intriguing smiles.

Sagittarius: Big and wide smiles, childish grins and enthusiastic smiles, let-me-tell-you-a-story w/ twinkly eyes smile, I-know-more-than-you smirk

Capricorn: Dry-humored eyes w/ sarcastic smiles, rolls-eyes kind of smile, wise-beyond-your-years smile, unsure smiles, business smiles, fighting-the -urge-to-smile kind of smiles

Aquarius:  Crooked grins, half smiles, silly-grins-to-make-you-laugh, inappropriate-timing smiles, "cool" smiles, empty smiles.

Pisces: Go-with-the-flow kind of smiles, sleepy grins, dreamy-eyes w/ shy smiles, quiet and irresistibly charming smiles, soft-hearted smiles, soft-hearted smiles, mystic smiles.