sun sign

Sun Signs:

Aries: Not one to mess with, spontaneous, smoking hot temper, ultra erotic, unique sexy presence, will take you to the pleasure palace in bed.

Taurus: Aggressive, total freak in bed, will not give up the fight if it's something they truly want, extremely outgoing, the most sensual kisser of them all and sexy as hell.

Gemini:  Great listener, love like no other, lover not a fighter unless you do someone they love wrong, then they will punch your lights out, protective, considerate and generous love.

Cancer:  Very high sex appeal, outstanding kisser, overflowing sexual energy, wanted by many but not caught by many, awesome bed partner.

Leo:  Physically attractive (and they know it), always the life of the party, sexy and extremely horny, knows how to give you a good time, just plain fun in bed.

Virgo: Domineering , always gets the last word, smart, smart ass, totally addictive, The most passionate of all zodiac signs, high sexual energy, can be loud in bed.

Libra: Extremely soft and gentle, loving in a unique way, fun, silly, most caring person you'll ever meet and amazing in bed, caring and sweet lover.

Scorpio:  Sexy, talkative, energetic, super intuitive, a monster in bed and cannot ever get enough , absolutely the most erotic, can talk you into anything, hot kisser

Sagittarius:  Spontaneous, hot, high sex appeal, truthful and honest, extremely generous and highly adventurous in bed, will kiss you like youve never been kissed.

Capricorn: Smexy, intelligent, sassy, intuitive, irresistible, talker, messy kisser, alway gets what they want in and out of bed. The best lover ever.

Aquarius: Trustworthy, sexy, rare to find , loves to be in long relationships and seeks them out , energetic and tireless lovers (can we do it again?).

Pisces: Caring, smart, center of attention, very sexy, always has to have the last word, extremely weird but in a good way, kinky in bed.

Questions To Ponder

1. Which zodiac is easy to seduce?

Of all the signs of the zodiac, Libra is the most effortlessly seductive. Libra can charm just about anyone.

2. What zodiac signs are freaky in bed?

Aquarians are the first to go nasty in bed and turn into complete freaks and monsters.

3. Which zodiac signs are physically attractive?

It is believed that there are 5 zodiac signs that are the most attractive and they are Scorpio, Libra, Taurus, Aries and Leo.

4. How is a Leo during sex?

Sex with a Leo can be described as fiery, passionate, and a lot of fun. Leos aren't afraid to get creative in the bedroom and love nothing more than putting on a good show.

5. How about the sex traits of a Virgo?

Virgo is a very sensual sign. They like touching their partner slowly to feel every inch of their body, in a slow and sensual way.