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Aries: You can turn that shitty knife into a titty knife.

Taurus: fuck you and your formal attire.

Gemini:  most owls can turn their heads 270 degrees in both directions, thin owl can fuck itself in all directions.

Cancer:  oh, okay, guess I'll go fuck myself then.

Leo: good evening, tonight's special is the shit blizzard.

Virgo: ah, just a little bit of ghost semen, a very common ingredient found in most beverages, so , might as well stick to the traditional.

Libra:  You will all feast on the fuck.

Scorpio: his legs are trembling, his knees are weak, his mom's heavy, put your vagina in spaghetti.

Sagittarius: I'm ready to begin my journey with a full-fledged erection and a heart of ambition.

Capricorn: this bastard just got re-atomized.

Aquarius: serenade my candy ass, come on!

Pisces: would rather solve a rubik's cube using only my bare nipples than try to make that fucking jump.