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Aries: Fierce and passionate love.

Taurus: Soft, sweet love.

Gemini: Childlike, exuberant love.

Cancer: The type of love where you deeply desire to care for the other person.

Leo: Love where you strongly admire your partner, you want to be more like them, in a positive way.

Virgo: love that helps you self-improve, and vice versa.

Libra: love that involves lots of doting and adoration.

Scorpio: love that began as deep intrigue .

Sagittarius: being in love with someone who inspires you about life and the world around you .

Capricorn: Love that makes you feel important.

Aquarius: Love that opens up your mind and your personality..

Pisces:  Love that started out as a mutual, fawning, daydreaming crush.