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Aries: climbs it, enjoys a challenge. Mood swings though ,stay away from them when that happens! Emotional approach

Taurus: Hates sudden changes, retraces his steps back, orders food and takes a nap."A fight for another day I guess!" Emotional approach

Gemini:  Ignores it and tries to live in denial, but if forced to face it,they do it fast. Mental approach

Cancer:  builds three wall around it and a roof stays cozy inside and waits for the knight in shining armor to save them. Emotional approach.

Leo: decorates it , hides it well to avoid attracting the wrong kind of attention . They prefer being admired not pitied . .Emotional approach

Virgo: over analyze everything which usually leads them to conclusion that are not fatal and may cause stress. Virgos find it hard to get past its obstacles because they think about them 24/7. Mostly emotional approach

Libra: Takes a lot of time to deal with it, but once they get over it, there's no going back. Emotional approach

Scorpio: They won't tell you about it , and you can't read it off them, but they will definitely blow up and let it all lose before they move on. Just don't be there when they do! Emotional approach.

Sagittarius: They get over it no matter what,they take it personal. Theres scar after every adventure this signs takes , it seems to tell the tale. Mostly Mental approach.

Capricorn: They break records, and deal with things fast. They just try to avoid breaking someone's heart, so if it involves family and friends,they take their time. Mental approach.

Aquarius:  : Deal with it completely. The intuition and perception they have gives them the ability to understand the obstacles they face them to the root! So when they get past it, nothing is left. Mental approach.

Pisces: lets everyone know about it instantly, and takes a long time to get over it. Deep inside ,playing the victim is just their comfort zone and they enjoy the support everyone provides. Emotional approach