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Aries: tough on the outside // really wants to let you know how much they care.

Taurus: easygoing on the outside//internally dying and is trying their best to stay calm.

Gemini:  friendly and popular on the outside //wonders if their friends really care

Cancer: shy on the outside // wants to be friendly but is afraid of getting hurt.

Leo: proud on the outside//sometimes worries that they are not good enough.

Virgo: smart and clever on the outside //fears the day that their smarts will fail them and those they care about.

Libra: level-headed and kind on the outside//needs a break and just wants to sleep .

Scorpio: reserved on the outside//just wants a friend that understands.

Sagittarius: adventurous and bold on the outside //fears that their dreams will be struck down one day .

Capricorn: you in control on the outside//they might snap at any second.

Aquarius: unique and rebellious on the outside//wishes that one day they will find a place where they truely fit in.

Pisces: supportive on the outside//wants a friend that will support them and give them shoulder to cry on.