sun sign

Sun Signs:

Aries -

1. Walking up refreshed
2. Getting someone to laugh
3. Getting a bunch of things done in one day.

Taurus -

1. Calming someone down
2. Taking a long relaxing nap
3. Cooking dinner for a loved one

Gemini -

1. Reading a really good book
2. Being with friends
3. Taking a long shower

Cancer -

1. Doing something nice for someone
2. Spending the day with your family
3. Cudding a pet

Leo -

1. Meeting new people
2. Complementing someone
3. Going out some were fun for the night

Virgo -

1. Getting your list of things done
2. People Watching
3. Putting on a comfy shirt after a long

Libra -

1.Having a crush
2. Buying new clothes
3. Making someones day better.

Scorpio -

1.Listening to music
2. Having alone time
3. Kisssing someone for the first time