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Aries - Without Aries , we would forget that when we would forget that when we fall and our legs become gashed with scrapes and blood , that is okay to bounce right back up again. We would forget that spirited curiosity about the world , one where instead of staring back in retrospection , we burst forth in Anticipation.

Taurus - Without Taurus , we would lose that loyality to oneself, where we stay devoted to our sense of self and morals, opinions, views, where they dont sway in the wind but stay routed into the Earth. We would miss out on the creative hand that can tap into the Earths cycles and see the luxury on the tangible realm.

Gemini - Without Gemini , we would forget to question the little things in life , to search into nooks and crannies of the world of germs of trivia and insight , to laugh when no one else is laughing and see the glimmer of new information. We would forget that the universe sends messages in many different forms.

Cancer - Without Cancer, we would forget the nature of the divine, the expression of the lunar guardian that guides us through the right , the pure intuition of following a feeling. We would miss out on the sense of comfort, food and creativity that they can provide. Most of all , we would miss the heart that they put into everything.

Leo - Without Leo , there would be no bowing on Broadway , no twirling in the middle of the street simply because they can, no temper tantrums in the middle of a crowded place, no sound of making children laugh quite the same. The very Sun would struggle to come up , its light and its vibrancy reflected in them.

Virgo - Without Virgo , there would be no attention to details , no helping mind and sense of duty towards the people around us . Public service would dwindle ,leaving us in individualistic mindset over the benefit of all . When we fall ,there would be no kind hands ready to help us back up again.

Libra - Without Libra, there would be no weighing up the pros and the cons , no sense of balance and justice and seeing things from anothers point of view . There would be less holding hands on the street and buying flowers for those that we care for. The Very essence of Venus would feel half missing.

Scorpio - Without Scorpio, we would take things at face value , afraid to dive into the truth , the conspiracies , the taboos of the world. We would forget the power of true connection, a world where frivolities would have more value over what truly matters in life. We would forget the meaning of true loyalty to those we promised it.

Sagittarius - Without Sagittarius , much of the spontaneous humour of the world would be lost, much of the staying up at night and thinking about the stars even though you have the responsibilities the very next day . Some of the most imaginative and valuable thinking would be lost, where fields such as the science and philosophy would suffer.

Capricorns - Without Capricorn , we would lose the sarcastic, dry humour that takes off guard in the very best way. We would lose the sight to set our goals then methodically plod our way towards them. We would lose the value of tradition and subtie hints of affection, the gifts , the door held open , the tight lipped smile . So much elegance and grace would be lost.

Aquarius - Without Aquarius , we would miss the invention and innovation that hit them like a lightning bolt in the middle of the night. There would be less eccentricity on the streets, less bright blue and pink hair among a sea of samey samey . We would miss the social progressives that knock down archaic systems that hold us all back.

Pisces - Without Pisces, there would be less compassion in the world , less ability to walk in the shoes of the people, around us without the barriers. There would be less doodling of dreams on maths books and less staring out of windows. Most of all, the world would feel more void of idealism, dreaming and understanding of the metaphysical.