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Aries: I'm sorry you choose to make me MADDD!

Taurus: Stop being mad. I'm starving , Chinese tonight?

Gemini:  If the totally unbiased panel of my voice in my own head does indeed determine I was in fact wrong then at that time I will ultimately apologize.

Cancer:  Well, when you didn't read my mind and know exactly how I felt without me ever telling you it hurt my feelings so if you can work on that in the future I suppose I'm sorry

Leo: I'm sorry you've upset but it sounds like you might be jealous

Virgo: I'm sorry that you feel that way but may be if you did things as I told you they should have been done, you wouldn't be in that situation right now. I care about your feelings but I told you so

Libra:  I'm sorry that you misunderstood everything I said and got all sensitive about it.

Sagittarius: I apologize for the mean hurtful and accurate things I said to your sensitive ass.

Capricorn: Honestly I just hope you learned from this. This could have been a very costly lesson, I hope you understand me better now.

Aquarius: who told you to let me hurt your feelings.

Pisces: Well I know I'm wrong but you need to admit you were wrong too and this is just like you remember in 4th grade when you didn't lend me your toothpaste at camp, I'm sorry but WHY