Graphology is a scientific method of identifying, evaluating, and understanding a person's personality through the strokes and patterns revealed by his handwriting. Handwriting reveals hundreds of elements of the person's "personality and character" which includes

glimpses into the subconscious mind, emotional responsiveness, intellect, energy, fears and defenses, motivations, imagination, integrity, aptitudes, and even sex drives . There are over 100 individual traits revealed and an unlimited number of combinations.

Handwriting is often referred to as "brain writing". Research scientists in the fields of neuro-science have categorized neuro-muscular movement tendencies as they are correlated with specific observable personality traits. Each personality trait is represented by a neurological brain pattern. Each neurological brain pattern produces  unique neuro-muscular movements that is the same for every person who has that personality trait. When writing, these tiny movements occur unconsciously. Each written movement or stroke reveals a specific personality trait.

Handwriting analysts identify these strokes as they appear in handwriting and describe the corresponding personality trait. Handwriting is like body language,but is more specific and is frozen for a more detailed analysis of our unconscious movements.

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