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Overview:A powerful earth-healing stone, Ammolite is created by compression and mineralization of an ammonite fossil.Ammolite has been formed by the compression and alteration of ammonite shell. Only two species of ammonite produce gem material: Placenticeras meeki and Intercalare. Ammolite is a multicolour opaque gemstone which resembles "boulder opals". The Blackfoot tribe of North America, who called it Buffalo Stone, used it to ward off evil spirits. This stone converts negative energy into a harmoniously flowing spiral. Holding the wisdom of the ancients, it is particularly effective placed on the soma chakra. A powerful karmic cleanser, it releases mental obsessions. Ammolite represents coming full circle and activates personal empowerment.

Usage: Used for abundance, craniosacral work, longevity, centring, awakening kundalini energy, prosperity, creativity, well-being, stamina, vitality, health, stabilizing the pulse, degenerative disorders, depression, labour pain, rebirthing, osteomyelitis, ostitis, tinnitus, cranium and inner ear, cell metabolism, lungs, limbs.

Stimulating survival instincts and encoding your lifepath, Ammolite offers structure and clarity, and relieves birth trauma affecting craniosacral flow. Called the Seven Color Prosperity Stone by Feng Shui masters, Ammolite has absorbed

cosmic energy over aeons and stimulates Qi, life force, through the body. Keep it in the home to attract health and prosperity, and in business premises to promote business dealings. As jewellery, it imparts charisma and sensuous beauty.

Physical Properties:


Ammolite Birthstone

Crystal System
CaCO3 with impurities (complex)
3.5-4 (7-8.5 if Quartz- or Spinel-capped)
Canada, Morocco (synthetic Ammolite is available)
Third eye, soma

Reputedly named after the spiral horn of Amon, the Egyptian god, Ammolite also derives from the Greek for horn. In ancient Greece, Pliny the Elder declared ammolite a most holy stone because it instilled prophetic dreams. In the Middle Ages ammolites were believed to be dragon's heads and were bound to the left arm for magical protection.


These ammolites are found in the Bearpaw Formation (Upper Cretaceous) which extends over a large part of Alberta into Montana, Wyoming, and the Dakotas.Gem quality material is only found in the area between the Red Deer River and the Milk River in southern Alberta.

Sign of Ammolite: Aquarius