Shipping Details

All orders would be despatched within 4 to 7 days (anywhere in the world), and the Courier AWB No (or) Speed parcel details will be mailed  to our customers, by which they can track their shipment.


Shipping Charges

Our products are priced on C&F basis and which is inclusive of courier/Postal charges. You pay shipping charges approximately the same as the actual shipping charges we pay to the Courier/Postal for shipping your orders. We work on principles of no profit no loss on shipping charges. Our shipping rate structure has been designed by analyzing past data on real shipping charges paid to the  courier companies for every item in its packaged form. The shipping rate structure therefore reflects volumetric weight of individual items in packaged form and its corresponding courier-shipping rate. works on no profit, no loss towards shipping charges. Customers are charged based on actual shipping charges of Express Coutier/Posts, towards cost of freight from India to rest of the world. Sometimes we do free shipping on very special occasions, as a part of promotional exercise for a very limited period. However on all such occasions the product prices still remain constant and do not go up because of free shipping.

Shipping Time

All orders received are shipped within 4 to 7 days of the receipt of order. However in case of Customer side specific orders , we need 10 days additional to get them ready.

Customs Duties

All prices shown at does not include customs charges. Rate of customs duties vary from country to country and such charges or any other taxes, if and when applicable, are to be borne by the customers directly. If any shipment   is held up for want of payment of customs duties and taxes, or its owners will not be in any way responsible for the same. It is upto the customer to clear the consignment from customs by paying all duties and taxes payable at the destination.

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