What is dying?

The verb "to die" comes from the Indo-European base dhue-, which means to pass away, become senseless. Dying is a natural part of living. Dying is the personal experience of the being letting go of its physical body.

Being with the dying..

Don't desert .

In being there with the patient be open, simple and in the present. Listen with your heart, not your mind. There's often anger, denial and fear before acceptance of the inevitable.

Don't try to fix the pain.

The key to dying is allowing oneself to relax. Embracing our natural fears of the unknown with acceptance and joy brings one through difficult moments expanding our capacity to surrender and let go.

Permit the patient to remember his being.

One has help the dying to carry on through the transitions of death and birth. The state between death and birth becomes visible to the terminal patient as passage approaches.

Be sincere and stable.

Being honest and speaking directly to the being helps maintain their connection to the purity and strength of their being, enabling them to meet passage with serenity.

Be a terminal midwife.

The experience between death and birth carries with it forgetfulness and ego disintegration. Someone who is not experienced at remaining attentive through death may feel very disoriented. Being there as a midwife is an act of compassion toward the being, assisting them in remaining as conscious as possible through the ensuing unsettling transition.

Signs of Dying

There are observable indications that transition or death is at hand. Listed below are some of the most noticeable indications.

  1. Loss of control over facial muscles.
  2. High-pitched whistling, buzzing sounds, low rumbling thunder, or complete loss of hearing.
  3. Visions, hallucinations or complete loss of sight.
  4. Breath coming in gasps, hasty breathing.
  5. Cold sweats, teeth chattering, uncontrollable shivering.
  6. Extreme agitation, anxiety, irritability, depression.
  7. Lethargic calm, sudden inexplicable apparent absence of previous pain.

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