Necessity of Death

Death is necessary in this narrow world of ours. Despite the appearance that it is a harbinger of misfortune and grief, yet it is needed for human happiness.Our globe cannot conceivably hold the offspring of mankind if the harvester Death was not ever at work in the vast field of human life, mowing down the rotating crops as they mature.

There are indeed limits to the numbers which this earth is capable of supporting.

As long as we live in the limited space here below, there is no withdrawal from the busy world of earthly affairs. The world is too narrow to allow for the segregation of different generations.Imagine eternal existence in the flesh! Even granting a body continual health, could everlasting happiness be captured in a life within the bonds of earthly space? As generation after generation rises around a person, will they not wish to withdraw from a society of younger minds who view the uses of the world from a different perspective? The purpose of the Creator always extends to the realization of a goal beyond death.

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The Dread of Death

People love life. Even those who, in a rebellious mood, argue that they wish they had never been born, yet love life. The regenerating person does not feel the dread of death so much, for they do not love the world for the sake of self; and when death impends - unless their physical disease affects their thinking or they are concerned for their family - their thoughts are mostly about eternal life. Those who are led by the love of self rarely show piety in the face of death, although the worldly-wise often manifest a spurious death-bed repentance.

Irrespective of a person's character, they may dread the pain which, in many diseases, seem to attend the demise of the body. But it is doubtful whether there is any pain connected with the actual death. Death is but the "twin sister of sleep." Consciousness ceases in the body before the heart stops: and until the heart has ceased functioning, death is not complete.

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The Physiology behind Death

It is of importance to know what is involved in the death of the body. Ancient writings describe it as a process by which the spirit is released. The general teaching is that the conjunction of the body with the spirit depends on the motions of the heart and the lungs of the body being conjoined with the corresponding pulsations and animation of the spirit. For the spirit also has a body with a pulse and respiration. Death occurs when, from any kind of disease or accident, the body comes into such a state as to be unable to act in unison with its spirit and carry out its behests. What is called Death occurs when the vital motions of the lungs and the heart cease and the correspondence with the activities of the spirit's heart and the spirit's lungs is broken.

Death occurs from below - the forms or connections which first dissolve are the most external - those of the red blood.  And life in the body depends on the circulation which supplies the tissues with vital heat. Physiology takes account of the fact that in organic bodies heat is being maintained in calculable degrees of temperature and amounts of energy, through the consumption of oxygen by the tissues. When the heart stops and the body grows cold - which differs as to time according to the fatal disease - the bond between the spirit and the material body is dissolved..

Death occurs when the two vital motions, the respiration of the lungs and the beating of the heart, cease, and the body, deprived of the life of the spirit, grows cold and begins to decay. But until the heart's motion is entirely stopped the spirit continues in the body for a short time.  And even after the body is apparently cold, life may with some persist as conscious thinking. The spirit can of course not have any sensation of its natural environment - since respiration has stopped - nor can it move even a particle of the gross matter of the body. The spirit, though definitely severed from the body, may still abide in it, which eventually "recedes" as a cutis-like covering.

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