Sadness or grief for one person or family can be happiness for another person or family somewhere out in the world or at a later time for the same family. It is believed that loss of a life means another life would be granted a chance in the world. Both happiness and sadness, birth and death are found evenly distributed across the world.

There is currently about 7.8 billion people on the earth and the number is growing by the days. There are approximately 15,000 per births per hour which means around 4 births every second. And at the same time, there are about 6300 deaths per hour or about 1.75 deaths per second. And this adds up to the fact that for every death there are about 2.4 births.

Science tells that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It is transferred back and forth, taking many forms and dwellx in various areas. Hence when energy escapes from one dead body it would enter a new body according to some experts. Though the new person born into the world might look different, they might sport the same spirit of the deceased.

It is commonly believed that a departed soul usually comes back in new forms under disguise. Some of the ideas that forebode this theory are:

• It is said that those of your loved ones who left you early due to sudden death or a tragic one, would come back to finish their business back on earth. Their spirit would reincarnate as soon as possible. They like to be born where they were loved and revered more.

• You may think that it is pure coincidence, but it is other way round. Some kids at home might speak, have the same vocabulary or speech mannerisms of a loved one who died in the family. They take on the language or lingual character of the deceased member. Is it that the skill was passed onto the new birth by the departed soul?

• At times, a new born child would exhibit the exact mannerisms displayed by the deceased person of the household earlier. They sport the same gestures, and physical expressions of the dead person. Also other personality traits like their boldness, fearfulness, extrovert or introvert nature, etc would be found in the new born despite the fact they are of the other gender or they were born way later.

• It is a said that as a rule in science, that children usually carry the physical likeness or traits of their parents or grandparents. In some peculiar cases, birth marks like moles and the like are found in children much like the departed person, though he or she might not be directly linked to the new born as a parent or grandparent. He or she might have been an aunt or uncle or a distant relative. Science has not explained this phenomenon till date.

• Ever noticed the same twinkle or emotions in the eyes of a child as that of a near one who has died. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. If you look into the eyes of the child, you would have the same emotions that would be felt when you looked at the deceased person.

• Sometimes the timing of a birth and death would be coincidental. A birth in the family would be in the same day as when a loved one from the family had departed but in a later year or so. This might indicate that the dead soul has chosen to come again into the world.

• Certain uncanny resemblances of a new born to a dead person in the family would be at times being pointed out by more friends and relatives at home, indicating that the person has reincarnated.

• In some cases, both the birth and the death in the family would have followed similar situations or consequence of events. In case, the dead person had met with something unusual in life, the new person born would also go through the same process, though things are completely out of our hands.

• When a loved one in the family departs, he or she gives an emptiness in the household. But then a new birth in the family would fill the gap. This would fulfil our void and mend broken hearts. In a way it satisfies our inner souls. We think that the person has come back to live with us once more.

Hence, we can conclude that though the loved one is dead and gone, their spirits make it a point to return back in the form of a new soul. If you pay attention to people or situations around you would be able to recognise and appreciate the departed soul.

As Spring balances Autumn,

so grief balances joy,

for from Death comes Life,

the Eternal Pattern

woven on the Loom of the Soul.

You are likely to be reborn after you die

If you are conscious of your birth and death, then you would be preparing the way for your future generations to come into a better place. Do understand that for every birth there is a death. As you become part of the birth of a new generation or a new society, you become the indomitable spirit that forebodes the death of an individual or the society at large.

The Joy of Death and birth

If you are aware of your inner self and soul and let go off of all worldly encumbrances then death would be a joy and not a pain for you. Also do note that birth is not a pain but a joy. Look at the birth of any other living being, and find the peace and warmth in it. Look into the eyes of a new-born and you would understand that the process of birthing though takes some pain on the part of the mother, becomes a joy once she holds the bundle in her arms.

Death is release from a past into a new person

Right from our birth we have been wired to believe that death is something to mourn for, something we should fear for. But it is not so. It is something that is inevitable for the birth of a new person. Have you ever wondered as a flower withers away only to bring forth seeds, that would yield fresh flowers once again at a later time. The same goes with death and is not one to look out in fear.

Life and birth alternate to maintain the balance of life. Hence for every death, there is a death.

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