Pets Compatibility

Is your pet compatible with you? Is there a foolproof way to adopt the right pet for your personality? Pets are heavily influenced by their zodiac signs and choosing a pet might be a bit tricky. Pet zodiac signs and traits might give you some insights into their behaviors, be it good or bad. You also might find out who is really in charge. We can benefit by knowing where our pets' full potential by knowing their horoscopes. And like our human friends, there may also be difficult to handle at times.

Discover what the stars says about your animal pets. Did you know that they can be influenced by their astrological sign just as much as we are? Read about your pet's traits according to their sun sign. Animals are just like people and respond to the stars and the tides of the moon. They have their own unique traits depending on the time and place of their birth and so on.

Aries Dog Dog: Much like their human counterpart, Aries Dogs are quite dominant and aggressive. They are very stubborn in nature and it is a little hard to tame and train. They are always full of energy and love to get the whole-hearted attention of their boss. They make good guards for the household.

Aries Cat Cat: Aries cats are usually found to have an attitude attached to them. They do not like to be bossed around. These are independent in nature and do not ever listen to the owner.

Taurus Dog - Dog: Taurus dogs, as like Taurus guys are very lazy. However they are very loyal and loving in nature. They are usually stubborn and love food a lot. They go crazy when they see food in front of them.

Taurus Cat Cat: Taurus cats are also pretty lazy in nature and love to lie down under the Sun all day long. They love the best foods and seek out comfortable places to rest and relax.

Gemini Dog Dog: Gemini dogs have lots of energy. They love to entertain and get attention whenever possible. They are very playful and get along well with their owners and other people around.

Gemini Cat Cat: Gemini cats are very curious. They love to play hide and seek. They are always ready to play with their owners.

Cancer Dog Dog: Cancer Dogs are very affectionate and loveable. They are very sensitive but quite submissive. They get along with children particularly well. These dogs are very loyal and hate loud noises and huge gatherings. They are quite comfortable with those in the household and is a homebody.

Cancer Cat Cat: This cat gets along well with children. However they are moody and sensitive at times. They are generally known to be awake in the nights(nocturnal) and sleep in the daytime.

Leo Dog - this dog might be really good with children. They are playful and friendly. This dog has a lot of personality and can be a bit stubborn at times. They demand their masters attention 24/7 and can be dominant with other dogs.

Leo Cat - this cat might frequently get into brawls with other cats on the block. They act like they're royalty, won't back down from trying to get your attention, and might not want any other pets in the household.

Virgo Dog Dog: Virgo dogs are very clean, learn things fast and are quite independent. However they get sick easily as they catch infections soon. They love to play and hate when things are not in their places. Hate to share or forego their food.

Virgo Cat Cat: Virgo cats are very clean, independent and do not need attention. However they would like periodic cuddles and treats. They are great hunters and very clever too.

Libra Dog Dog: Libra dogs are very charming, affectionate and friendly. However they are not good in guarding. They love to get the attention of their owners and like to socialize with the other dogs around. They ahate leaving the house though.

Libra CatCat: Libra cats usually get along well with the other pets in the household. They are very fussy about their food and want your attention always. At times they might test our patience though.

Scorpio Dog Dog: Scorpio dogs make good guards. They are loyal and protective of their owners. They are lovable and independent and sense danger easily. However some of them might be quite aggressive and territorial.

Scorpio CatCat: Scorpio cats like to get out of the house as much as they can. They have their own world. But then they are very loyal to the household. They are good hunters and explorers. Generally win a fight with the other cats.

Sagittarius Dog Dog: A Sagittarius Dog loves adventure, fun and play. They have much energy and vigor. They are highly protective of their territory, but they easily submit themselves to the other dogs.

Sagittarius CatCat: These cats just love to play all day long. They love adventure and are very curious. They love to get along with the other cats in the locality. But then they are found to knock off and break things often.

Capricorn Dog -Dog: Capricorn dogs are good guards. They can be trained easily, they are quite patient and sometimes too lazy. They hate to change their locality or place of stay.

Capricorn CatCat: A Capricorn cat is a very lazy guy who puts on weight easily. They are smart and can be trained easily. However they do not like to play much.

Aquarius Dog Dog: Aquarius dogs are very calm and do not like to be attended often. They cannot be trained that easily. But then they make good service dogs. They are very friendly and intelligent in nature.

Aquarius CatCat: An Aquarius Cat is very stubborn and loses his temper often. He is very curious and loves to explore. They are a lot different when compared to the other cats in town.

Pisces Dog Dog: A Pisces dog gets greatly attached to the members of the household. He can sense the mood of the people around him easily. They hate change of place and love to play with water which is quite obvious of their sun-sign.

Pisces Cat Pisces cats also get attached to their owners very much. They love to cuddle around. They are very impulsive and quite hyperactive. However at times they get moody and break things around.