Grandparents Compatibility

Grandchildren bring endless joy to the lives of grandparents, and vice versa. So how good a grandparent are you? Are you the tolerant, quiet grandparent or perhaps the more generous grandparent? .

Having compatible parenting styles is important for your sanity, relationship, and the well-being of your children and grandchildren, who can get confused by mixed messages.

Grandparents have long served as the central point of the family. Learn about the role of compatible grandparents in the modern age and how they contribute towards a compatible atmosphere at home..

Aries Grandparents Got an Aries as your grandparent? Do not take them for granted and them being dormant. They would be still active in their old age. They would be busy travelling and moving around even now. They like to have fun. They like to take their grandchildren to movies and other amusements and recreational areas. They just do not pamper them with gifts and money. They love to guide their grandchildren in the right path and do not mind giving them occasional pieces of advice. Some of them though might be blunt and hurtful. Given their freedom they live their own life and do not interfere with others around.

Taurus Grandparents In general, Taurus grandparents would find it a little difficult to let go off their children or their grandchildren from their personal lives. Detachment takes a toll on their emotions and feelings. Most of them however learn to give the space needed for their grandchildren in course of time. They are very protective and caring. But then they are also prone to spoiling them. Taurus grandparents are sometimes found to be critical of their grandchildren's choices in life. But then they make good parents as well.

Gemini Grandparents Gemini grandparents are fun-loving and have a good time entertaining their grandchildren. They keep up with them despite their age. They love to tell them stories from yore and keep a tab on their studies in general. However they do not interfere much into the personal matters of their grandchildren. Some of them are found to be tech-savvy and keep the communication lines open with their grandchildren for long.

Cancer Grandparents The Cancer grandparents make good care-takers of their grandchildren. They nurture them in good spirits and habits. They teach them the nuances of cooking, stitching and the like and keep them busy for life. But then at times they are seen to be too protective and interfering. They would be anxious for them and become paranoid at times when the grandchildren stray from life. They love to guide them in the right path and bring a sense of relief in their lives.

Leo Grandparents Leo grandparents are usually found to be too generous to their grandchildren. They expect love and goodwill from them in return as well. They take great pride in displaying the talents of their grandchildren in public. They urge them to excel in academic and creative endeavors. Some of them are at times found to boss around their grandchildren which irks them. Leo grandparents are found to be great in complaining, fussing and gossiping around.

Virgo Grandparents Virgo grandparents are very caring and helpful to their grandchildren. However they are constant worriers as well regarding them and sometimes are found to be very critical of their actions and deeds in life. Their judgmental nature might sometimes mar the relationship with their grandchildren. But then they have a remedy for every problem their grandchildren come across. They like to meddle and annoy their grandchildren, but smooth out family issues amicably.

Libra Grandparents The Libra grandparents are notoriously noted for spoiling their grandchildren with gifts and monetary resources. They like to spend time with them on and off. They also like to pass down their creative abilities or skills to their grandchildren. Sometimes they pamper their grandchildren much that might annoy their children. They are very friendly and cordial with their grandchildren all through their life.

Scorpio Grandparents Scorpio grandparents act as if they rule the whole house. They are good at advising and would have a control over their children and grandchildren. They like to live in a joint family set-up too. However they are found to lose their temper at times. Also known to hold onto grudges for long. But then they give all their might and are compassionate too.

Sagittarius Grandparents Sagittarius grandparents are generally not found to involve in the lives of their children, if not their grandchildren at any cost. But then when they visit their grandchildren they splurge heavily on them. Some Sagittarius grandparents love their grandchildren to be into adventure and competition. They have a fun side too and love to have a good laugh with their family.

Capricorn Grandparents Capricorn grandparents do not relate much to their grandchildren owing to their age differences. However they have great love for them. They just do not interfere in the personal lives of their children in general. When asked for they give genuine advise and make sure that their grandchildren inculcate good habits in life. Some Capricorn grandparents are found to be too controlling and judgmental at times.

Aquarius Grandparents Aquarius grandparents are usually quite distant with their grandchildren. They visit or call on them very rarely. They generally do not interfere in the personal matters of either their children or grandchildren. However they are unpredictable and love to gift their grandchildren costly gifts and tours. They share their life experiences with them when the situation warrants the same. Also they teach them to rebel against established norms and ideals.

Pisces Grandparents The Pisces grandparents are very wise and are good in upbringing their grandchildren as good citizens. They teach all the tricks and hacks of life's problems. They are good in manipulating situations for the benefit of their grandchildren as well. Most of the time they seem to be behind the screen spectators of their grandchildren's naughty deeds.