Boss Compatibility

Are you really compatible with your boss ? Is your relationship bringing pain your work environment? Know how to interact most effectively with all your boss ... Still can't figure the boss out? Consider his astrological sign and his personality traits and then you can win him over easily. Understanding how astrology can impact a boss's behavior may help you adjust your style of working.

Read about what it means to work for a boss of each zodiac sign ,their temperaments, traits, characteristics, personalities, quirks and talents. And make most of your workplace! Whether your boss is likeable, moody, arrogant, controlling or manipulative , if you know your boss's zodiac-sign, the compatible relationship with him or her would be an easy task for you to attain...

Aries Boss Is your boss an Aries? Then he or she would be full of energy and enthusiasm all day long. They have different interests, their ego would be very fragile, however they are good in partying.

Taurus Boss When a Taurus native happens to be your boss, he or she takes much time to take a decision and they are averse to major changes. But then they are loyal and rational in their thoughts and actions.

Gemini Boss A Gemini boss would have a good conversation with you and their communication would be just great. They are highly persuasive and have a big social connection.

Cancer Boss Beware of your Cancer boss' emotions. Be appreciative of them to earn their goodwill. They are good in saving and are very perceptive of things.

Leo Boss A Leo boss likes to dominate the scene and wants his or her employees to be obedient and hard working. They lose their temper often. However they can be won over by good compliments.

Virgo Boss Is your boss a Virgo? Then they would be perfectionists to the core, look for finer details and have a critical view of almost anything. But then they are good in helping their sub-ordinates.

Libra Boss Libra bosses are highly diplomatic and know how to balance work and play. They run things very smoothly. They are fair in their treatments of their employees and are verbal to the core.

Scorpio Boss A Scorpio boss demands complete surrender or allegiance to them from their employees. They are very cautious and determined in their tasks.

Sagittarius Boss If you boss happens to be a Sagittarius, then he or she would be very optimistic, liberal and a hard worker. They love to take risks.

Capricorn Boss When a Capricorn native happens to be a boss, he or she would be very ambitious, would have good managerial skills, is highly responsible and is very ambitious of future.

Aquarius Boss An Aquarius boss is not meant to dominate or control his employees, they like the new and unconventional ways of professionalism an is very humane to those around.

Pisces Boss A Pisces boss would reach out to his employees, is loaded with creative ideas and is very perceptive.