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It is found that Virgos get along well with their fellow earth signs or the complimentary water signs in love relationship.

When it comes to romance or love, Virgo is a shy sign and often tries to hide facts. Love intrigues the Virgo natives. They are more rational and are not emotional. Hence Virgo love matches fare better than others in love.

Virgo with Aries

This is not a good combination for life together. Aries is too harsh, while Virgo is a sympathiser. There would be no peace here.

Virgo with Taurus

Both being earthy signs, they have common interests, values and traits that just binds them together.

Virgo with Gemini

Intellect binds these two. Gemini is a flirt and social while Virgo needs commitment and this might mar the relationship.

Virgo with Cancer

As both have strong values and commitments this would be a stable match. There is mutual love and attraction here.

Virgo with Leo

This is a difficult combination as Leo likes to dominate and Virgo hates being ruled over. But then both appreciate intellect and creativity.

Virgo with Virgo

There would be better understanding and mutual appreciation here. Harmony and peace would prevail.

Virgo with Libra

This relationship struggles practically as Libra is highly sensitive and personal and Virgo just cannot understand the Libra.

Virgo with Scorpio

They enjoy a deep connection with a strong foundation which would be elusive for a third person.

Virgo with Sagittarius

The relationship would be a success or failure on whether the duo encourage or discourage each other. They are quite opposites.

Virgo with Capricorn

Both being earthy signs, they build a solid relationship that would last for ever.

Virgo with Aquarius

This would be an unpredictable relationship where Virgo is perfect and Aquarius is chaotic. There is fascination though.

Virgo with Pisces

They are opposite signs and hence have a magnetic attraction. They would either stay together or split up depending on their mutual understanding.

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