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Pisces natives get on well with the other water signs and the stable earth signs in a love match. The grounding and practical nature of the earthy signs helps to balance the emotional Pisces in love relationship.

Pisces cannot get on with the air and fire personalities simply because the emotional condition of a Pisces craves for understanding and a firm foundation. The fire signs are very aggressive and the air signs cannot be beaten on an intellectual note.

Pisces with Aries

Both of them do not get along well. Aries is too rash and Pisces is very sensitive. There would be constant heart-break here.

Pisces with Taurus

Here lies a long-lasting love relationship. It would be unconditional one and both encourage the other.

Pisces with Gemini

Both are bound by intellectual ideals. If there is compromise then they can travel together.

Pisces with Cancer

This is a beautiful combination of two watery signs. There is a soul connection embedded in them .

Pisces with Leo

This would be a great combination if the duo are committed to love, romance and mutual respect.

Pisces with Virgo

They are opposite signs and hence have a magnetic attraction. They would either stay together or split up depending on their mutual understanding.

Pisces with Libra

This is one of the prefect love matches. They share the good things in life including love and romance.

Pisces with Scorpio

These watery signs have a great attraction between them. There would be lots of love and passion involved here.

Pisces with Sagittarius

This duo are connected both physically and mentally. If there is commitment from either side then this would be a good love match.

Pisces with Capricorn

Though they are on different tracks they work well in a relationship together. Capricorn's stability compliments the dreamy Pisces.

Pisces with Aquarius

Though they are intriguing, have mutual concern, they do not last long together in love.

Pisces with Pisces

This is a combination of fun and joy driven by fantasy. But then they need to be practical to come out successful together.

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