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In love, Libra guys match well with their fellow air signs and also do get along well with their complimentary fire signs.

A little wink or a smile can win love matches for Libras. They are interested in exploring new sensations and new found love. They are adept in trying out new relationships just to learn what they are missing in love.

Libra with Aries

Not a harmonious relationship. If each other recognizes the others talents then the relationship might work.

Libra with Taurus

They are a good match as they are ruled by Venus. There would be harmony and balance in this combination.

Libra with Gemini

This pair makes a good match as they are airy signs. They work to bring about harmony in the relationship.

Libra with Cancer

Both have an aptitude for values and beauty. If they are aligned then there would be goodness, else all hell breaks lose.

Libra with Leo

Together they make a perfect love match. They take care of each other and hog the social scene hand-in-hand.

Libra with Virgo

This relationship struggles practically as Libra is highly sensitive and personal and Virgo cannot understand the Libra much.

Libra with Libra

There would be bliss in this relationship. Both being airy signs they love each other a lot.

Libra with Scorpio

This duo better stay as friends than as lovers. They need to oversee each others negatives to match in love affairs.

Libra with Sagittarius

They easily attract each other in a relationship. But then Sagittarius is too independent for the Libra.

Libra with Capricorn

If they work together for a common cause then this would be a great love match. Mutual give and take is asked for here.

Libra with Aquarius

These airy signs are born naturally to love each and to team up in life and love.

Libra with Pisces

This is one of the prefect love matches. They share the good things in life including love and romance.

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