Chinese tiger Horoscope

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The Year of the Rabbit for Chinese Zodiac sign Tiger

In general, Tiger and Rabbit do not get along well and don’t see eye-to-eye. But then in 2023, Tigers ought to understand that their year of reign is over and is now the realm of the Rabbit. They are advised to just go with the flow and the year ahead would be then great for them. This period is not a time for revenge, nor laxity.

Tiger- Romance & Relationships in 2023 Rabbit Year

Year 2023 would be a good year for the love pursuits of Tiger people. Tigers generally yearn to love and be loved. This year of the Rabbit promises goodness for them as far as their relationships are considered. During the year, Tigers would be able to locate a potential partner if single, and the committed ones would be able to get married. Most of the young Tiger natives would be settling down in a comfortable relationship through the year of Rabbit. Make all efforts to forge a lasting relationship. Change the way you handle relationship, be loyal and affectionate and committed and watch your love life bloom as this year of the Rabbit progresses.

Tiger - Wealth in 2023 Year of the Rabbit

Tigers are not much big fans of hard work, however during this year of the Rabbit, they should not be idle and lay low without tending to their works. Tiger folks are asked to keep working hard and to utilize the opportunities that come their way, taking occasional breaks. This period there might be rifts in your professional space affecting the inflow of funds. But then this would be short term, you can resolve it by your commitment to your career. Natives are asked to shed their dominating and stubborn nature and to keep working as per their routine. This would bless them with ample funds through the year.

Tiger- Well-Being in 2023 Rabbit Year

As the year of the Rabbit progresses, Tiger people would command good health and cheer thanks to their commitment to good healthy habits. However they might have some issues with their mental health, which should be attended to in right earnest. They should take care of their emotional set-up this period. Tigers have the inherent nature of loading their minds with past hurts, and this might burn them mentally. Hence, they are advised to forgive and forget and spend quality time with family and friends. Occasional adventure trips and travel for pleasure would assure you well being through this year of the Rabbit.