Chinese rabbit Horoscope

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The Year of the Rabbit for Chinese Zodiac sign Rabbit

As this year happens to be your year, there would be prosperity, happiness and joy in your life. Rabbits simply would enjoy bliss and there won’t be any sort of troubles, delays or hindrances in life. But then there might be some emotional turbulences around which they can master for goodness in life through the year. Natives are advised to strive towards becoming better personalities during their prime period. The next year of the Rabbit is due only after a 12 year long wait, hence make the most out of this period.

Rabbit- Romance & Relationships in 2023 Rabbit Year

As the Rabbit year advances, Rabbit singles would find ways to settle down with an ideal partner for life. This year, the hunt would be quite easy and you need not be running behind partners. This is a year which offers no disappointments or dissatisfactions in your love life or marriage. But then you ought to put in some effort and commitment for your relationships to survive. This is a period that encourages social activities as well. This would bring about new connections in your life that would further up your personal life. At times some old issues or hurts might crop up. Communicate with your partner and clear the air. Then you would be able to forge better relationships. Domestic welfare and happiness is also assured as your year moves on.

Rabbit- Wealth in 2023 Year of the Rabbit

During this year of the Rabbit, Rabbit personalities would be blessed with much financial success. Past loans and debts would be done with and money owed to you would also be returned. There might be occasional expenditure owing to family members and health though. Be generous and resort to social and charity works. Helping people with your resources would be a great blessing through this year of yours. But do not rest on your finances, keep working. Natives are advised not to be lazy and lethargic with their works as it might bring about financial debacles. There would be scope for making some real estate purchases and high value investments through this year of yours if you are cautious with your financial moves.

Rabbit- Well-Being in 2023 Rabbit Year

Rabbits are generally predicted with good health and great vitality and this year would be no exception. However their emotional and mental health might take a beating if not attended to properly. There would be occasional minor health issues as well for the Rabbits. Talk problems with your partner or family members and sort them out or go in for therapy. Do not keep them wrapped up in your heart as this would bring emotional imbalances. At times take periodic breaks from the rigors of life. Spend ample time with family and enjoy the good things that life has to offer during this period of yours.