Chinese rabbit Horoscope

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The year of the Tiger would be a period of myriad changes and surprises for the Rabbits. There would be good stability in your financial life. And your love life or marriage would see major changes unfold through the year. It is better for some Rabbits to stay alone as well for now. Everything that happens and unfolds in the year ahead lies in the very hands of the Rabbit natives and not on external forces. Hence natives are advised to make logical and intelligent decisions.


The year of the Tiger would be a time of stability and security in the work place for the Rabbits. Those who are aspiring for a promotion, pay hike or relocation would find this time favorable for the same. Some bunnies might feel that they are not reaping the full rewards of their hard work. This might bring about some dissatisfactions and resentment in the work area. Natives who would like to switch from services to business can plunge in now. However Rabbits are advised not to yield to any whims and fancies in their career field.


Rabbits would have quite an average year in the financial side during this year of the Tiger. There would be a stable inflow of funds, some of you might strike luck from a side hustle. Natives are advised to save some resources for tough times ahead. Also do refrain from making high value purchases like a home or luxury vehicles for now. Keep away from impulsive and instantaneous buys for the year. Generosity is advised, but keep it within your means. Else there might be financial hiccups around the year end.


The year 2022 would be a time of goodness in love and marriage for Rabbit people. There would be much passion, however there would be no dearth for rifts as well with partner. The single Rabbits would find their loving partner this year. Be prepared to handle a tumultuous period around mid-year when your relationships would be tossed around by storms of sorts. Some natives might doubt the sanctity of their partners which might further trouble relationship. Stay away from resentments and avoid all careless activities that would permanently ruing your love life.


During the year of the Tiger, the Rabbit people would be in good health and cheer. A balanced diet, good physical activity and warding off of bad health habits would bless them with good health. However if they compromise on the above, then they would be troubled. Rabbits are asked not to over-work and to take periodic breaks. Do stay away from stress and strain and avoid getting angry with others around. Some folks might have troubles related to the nervous system and breathing issues around the year-end, be cautious.