Chinese Ox Horoscope

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Ox natives, be prepared to encounter major changes this year. And the change would be quite favorable for you in the long run. Hard work would see you through tough times. Through this year of the Rat you would be able to come up much better in life. You are determined in your tasks and can take up strenuous works and this would pay you rich dividends this year.

However you are advised to not to be much stubborn with your actions, some leeway can be allowed in order for goodness. You would be a great force to reckon with among family and friends this year. The year of the Rat promises some good changes in your life.

• As Ox and Rat have good affiliation with each other, Ox people would have a smooth time this year.

•  Good Relationship with Rat, Rabbit, Monkey people.

• Conflicts with Horse, Dragon, Ram natives probable.

• Ox guys may have to take care of health though.

• You have very good study opportunities this year.

• And may face stiff career competitions.


Ox natives would have quite an average and eventless career life through the Chinese year of the Rat in 2020. Though minor changes are likely, it would be a stable affair for the year as a whole. Ox people would be able to figure out what they want out of their career this year. Strike good rapport with authorities and peers in work place. This would be helpful to you in order to achieve peace at work. Go with the flow, give all your might and skill-sets and the year ahead would be yours for the keeping.


Financial standing of Ox people would be quite mixed this year of the Rat. Take the first half of the year to plan your financial spending and saving. This would be a face-saver later on. Do not be extravagant in your life-style, instead look on buying the essentials only. Clear all your debts and loans as the year progresses. Stay clear from unwanted spending and exorbitant rates. Saving considerably could bail you out in times of crisis.


The year 2020 would be a roller-coaster ride as far as the love and marriage prospects of Ox natives are concerned. Your social life would also have many ups and downs. Through the year however you would be able to express yourself more freely to your partner and get their pulse as well. Getting to know their likes and dislikes goes a long way in forging stronger love relationships.

Ox natives would like a make-over in their love life or marriage during this year of the Rat. It might be either extreme positive luck or might end up in the negative hemisphere. A good time to prune relationships as well. Try to strike cordial and balanced relationships in love and marriage. Natives better advised to go straight without straying, else you might land in troubled waters.


Ox natives would continue this year of the Rat in good health and cheer. There would be no major health crisis to worry about. However mental health needs some care. Your energy levels would be high this year, but then do not over-use the same. Stay hydrated, stick to good food habits and follow strict work schedule. Do not work beyond your limits. This would help you to stand firm in the health arena this year.

Ox Monthly Horoscopes- 2020

Month 2020 Forecast
January Mixed period
February good financial inflows likely
March time to relax and rejuvenate
April new chances at the horizon
May time for financial planning
June partnership deals would be favorable
July relationships get enhanced
August get into action
September be prepared for unexpected events
October face problems with a tough heart
November overall prosperity assured
December go with the flow, do not make detours