Chinese tiger Horoscope

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Tiger natives would be blessed with much prowess and energy both on the physical and mental level. Hence it would be as if you can do the impossible now. Set your mind towards unreachable goals that can be touched easily now through the year. Though some tough times are ahead, feel great that you have the inputs to keep going.

This period of satisfaction and fulfilment would last till around the year-end for tiger Folks.


The career life of Tiger individuals would be like a cake-walk this year. Things would fall in place easily for you folks. Your skills can be honed up through the year. Keep working hard to enter into the good books of your higher-ups for now. Your communication with others around would be a key source of your survival in the career arena for year 2019. Your position in a team would be best promoted this year than your individuality, hence your social numbers matter a lot now.


Tiger natives are likely to have quite an average year during this year of the Pig. Be cautious of your financial dealings for now as troubles lurk around everywhere. Get rid off of your bills and loans when there is an ample inflow of funds. Do save some money and do not over-indulge. But then do yield to the needs of your family and friends in times of their need. Let your whims and fancies wait for the next year.


The love life of Tiger natives would be quite average for the year of the Pig. The single ones would feel more romantic and sensuous towards the opposite sex. And those into a relationship or married would care much about their partner through the year ahead. Spend ample time improving your relationship with partner as the time is ripe for the same.

Friends and family would be a source of support in your life pursuits for now. However natives are advised to focus more on themselves than on their partner for the year. But then make sure that your love bonds are intact. Do not yield to temptations of sorts or short-term romantic encounters. They won't work for the long run ahead.


Though the year of the Pig might start with low energy levels for Tiger folks, as the year progresses things shall brighten up. Do keep yourself physically and mentally busy through the year. Do note that an empty mind is a devil's workshop. Avoid stress and strain, stay clear of bad food habits. Exercise regularly and keep yourself physically fit for the year. Do not take impulsive actions when it comes to diseases and medical intervention. Let your Doc do the talking and decision-making..