Chinese rabbit Horoscope

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The year of the Pig would be a year full of troubles and trials for Rabbit folks. But then you can make a changeover from the situation by your sheer sense of grit and determination. Keep working hard, put in efforts, though you might not see results immediately, you would reap the fruits before the year ends. Be patient, stay focussed on your desires and ambitions in life. Your mental prowess would be much stronger than your physical self this year.


Rabbit guys have an easy period in the career front during this year of the Pig. Your performance would be the best when compared to the previous few years. But then make sure that you read the fine print before venturing into any sort of co-operative deals for now. Those in business would find the going quite easy during 2019. Your communication would be the key to growth and development in the career area all through the year ahead.


The financial standing or status of Rabbit individuals would be good during this year of the Pig. There would be a steady inflow for the first half of the year. Then around the middle of the year, some impediments come in. Do clear off your debts and loans before you encounter troubles. Also save enough to cope up with tough situations for the second half of the year. Do not over-indulge in pleasures of life for now. Do spend only for your bare necessities in life. Expect better inflow of resources around the year-end by means of pay-hikes and fortune through inheritance.


The year of the Pig would be a status Quo period for Rabbit natives as far as their love life is concerned. There would not be many ups and downs, the single ones stay single and those already in a relationship or marriage proceed as such as the year moves on. Better communication would be the key to a long-lasting love life for Rabbit folks this year.

Love and romance would come for some of you from totally unexpected quarters. Budding relationships would start in the place or with the person you least expected to. Do not stick to grudges with partners or friends for no reason. This would take you nowhere. Learn to forgive and forget, and this would help to make new relationships in life. Also stay away from acting impulsively when with partner or spouse for now. Be gentle to them, lend a helping hand, give ear to them, do not hurt them and then a sense of positive energy could be found in this area as the year unwinds.


The general health of Rabbit personalities would be satisfactory all through the year ahead. Keep yourself active through these days to be physically and mentally fit. Make sure that you do not miss your supplement intakes and exercising routine. Stay away from eating outside and over-indulging in fatty foodstuff for the period as health issues lurk around. Be prepared to handle minor health troubles now and then all through the year.