Chinese Ox Horoscope

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Quite a pretty good period is ahead for Ox individuals during this year of the Pig. Almost all areas of your life would prosper well these days. A sense of stability would be found around.A good time to cool your heels, plan for you future and lay low watching the Sun rise and set.

Things come to you in a platter if you had done the ground work the previous few years.


During the year of the Pig, Ox natives would have quite a busy and hectic career life. Your hands would be full with lots of projects on the anvil. Pace yourself comfortably and forge ahead. Though hard work would be needed throughout the year, you would be able to reap ample benefits around the year-end by way of promotions, pay-hikes and the like. Ox individuals can put their creativity to good use too. Those in business ventures would particularly find the days conducive for good advancements and prosperity.


Year 2019 promises to be a year of good finances for Ox people. There would be better inflow of money from more than two sources. Invest wisely, do not over-indulge in unwanted desires and greed for the time. Though there would be frequent money inflow, be cautious, tread cautiously. This would be a great time to make money and more money. Save some though.


Ox people would find general betterment in their love life during the year 2019. Major developments are in if you are aspiring for the same. Relationships, love and romance now enter a new phase in your life. You would be more sensuous than ever, and would be able to woo your partner or spouse into your fold despite troubles and hindrances around.

An excellent time when the single Ox folks would be able to forge relationships. But through this period make sure that your sense of individualism and freedom are not compromised. Year 2019 would be a good time to strengthen the bond with your partner or lover. Family and friends would be a great source of support here as well.


Ox natives would be in good health and cheer all through this year of the Pig. Your physical and mental prowess would be just good at its peak to be precise. But then you ought to maintain the same all through the year. Especially diet and other habits need a constant watch. Join a social group or charity organisation that would give you some inner peace and comfort. A generally happy atmosphere prevails all round making sure that you stay fit as a fiddle these days.