I – Ching Methods

I ching is revealed through Dices, Coins and Playing cards.Prediction through Dices : In this method there are eight ivory dices upon which the entire I -Ching has been etched. These dices are kept in beautiful vertical containers.The foreteller chants mantras, shakes all the containers and drops them on a silver plate upon which a picture of a deity of fortune is painted.

The aspirant touches a dice out of the eight dices. Then the foreteller chants the mantra's again and spreads the dices on the golden plate.

Prediction through coins :

Coins made out of eight metals are available in China and diagrams of all the 64 hexagrams are etched on these coins. The aspirants while chanting the "Manibhadra Hoon Phatt" mantra places up a coin and the picture of a diagram, etched on the coin denotes luck or fortune of the aspirant. There are also many other methods in vogue for using coins to foretell the future of the aspirant.

Prediction through playing cards :

A leaflet is supplied along with the I– Ching playing cards wherein predictions have been briefly explained. The following are printed on the playing cards:

Name of the Hexagram.

Hexagon in Chinese script.

Six parallel lines of the hexagram.

Several numbers of the hexagram.

Name of the hexagram and English translation.

Name of the trigram related to a hexagram.

Ingredients relating to a trigram.

Prediction is divided into two parts and is written on the back side of the cards., one on the upper and the other on the lower part. On the upper part, the literary meaning of the hexagon and its mystical meaning are written which are meant for the welfare of the aspirants. On the lower part, the individual prediction is written.


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