Flying Star Chart

The proper timing of the nine stars of Chinese Astrology shall bring luck, fame and fortune and its untimely advent can ruin ones life forever.Find below the list of stars and the aspects of life they signify.

Stars and their Representations

Flying Star chinese Astrology

Star 1- Success, wealth Star 2 - Sickness, separation, miscarriage Star 3- lawsuits, misfortune

Star 4 - Romance, Academic Achievement Star 5 - Sickness, death, casualties, lawsuits Star 6 - Wealth,

Achievement, travel, Authority Star 7- Robbery, Fire, Imprisonment

Star 8 -Fame, wealth, happiness Star 9- Luck, celebration

Stars 1, 4, 6, 8 are good stars and stars 2, 3, 5, 7 are bad stars . Bad stars can trun

out to be good ones when they appear at the right time and good stars can become unfavorable when they are not timely .

" Timely Star or Prominent Star" is when it is the same number as the period we are currently in.