The fourpillars chart reveals the destiny of an individual and his future happpenings.With the help of the four pillar chart one can to some extent find his future and chart his course in the right direction.The fourpillars chart must be balanced for a life free of troubles and turmoils.

We have to locate the right elements that are needed so that the chart is balanced evenly. Then the total capability of an individual can be harnessed in the right spirits.

The Four Pillars of Destiny are:

Year Pillar which represents the Society Palace

Month Pillar which represents the Parents / Childhood / Siblings Palace

Day Pillar which represents the Marriage Palace

Hour Pillar which represents the Children Palace

The elements that cause imbalance in the chart are called unfavorable elements and they cause hindrances to all our efforts.Listed here are the important elements that shape our destiny.

Wealth Element

The element that ones birth element controls is the wealth element. For males, the spouse element is the same as their wealth element.

Power Element

The element that controls ones birth element is the power/status element. For females, the spouse element is represented by the element that controls their birth element.

Intelligence Element

The element that is produced by ones birth element is the talent element.

Friend/colleague/sibling Element

The element that is the same as the birth element is the friend/colleague/sibling element.

Resource/support Element

The element that nourishes ones birth element is the resource/support element.