Chartered Accountancy - Eligibility


There are several steps involved before one gets the license for a commercial pilot. You would normally start work as a co-pilot, alongside a training captain on short-haul flights to give you maximum experience of take-offs and landings. A full ATPL is normally awarded after 1,500 flying hours with at least 500 as a co-pilot. Eventually you could become a fully-qualified captain.

As a pilot, you must renew your instrument rating (IR) and take skills tests for specific aircraft every six to twelve months. You also have to pass regular medical examinations and a number of theory examinations which consists of Air Regulations, Aviation Meteorology, Air Navigation, Technical, Planning, and communications in the form of Radio & Wireless Transmission.

The job requires a lot of hard work, stamina, alertness of mind, adaptability to follow difficult time schedules, good team spirit etc. This is a filed of discipline, patience, responsibility, punctuality, commitment and self-confidence. Emotional stability in crisis situations is another characteristic that the pilots should have. Apart from these qualities, the persons willing to take up this as profession should be calm, pleasant, compassionate, adventurous, understanding and technically sound.

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