Veterinary Science - Eligibility


To pursue a career in this field the minimum qualification required is a bachelor's degree in Veterinary Science. There are also number of institutes which offer post graduate courses in veterinary science and animal husbandry. The Postgraduate course in Veterinary Science has the option to specialize in areas like medicine, surgery, anatomy,

bacteriology, biochemistry, cardiology, dermatology, microbiology, molecular biology, anesthesia, gynecology, pathology, toxicology, virology pharmacology, etc. For jobs in the research and teaching areas, a post-graduate degree in veterinary science and animal husbandry is a minimum qualification, while a Ph.D. is preferred. The graduate course of study is always followed by years followed by a year's practical internship. Apart from learning to treat animals, training is also provided in dairying and poultry sciences.

Veterinary students undergo a practical training in livestock production and management at animal farms, then training in poultry production and management and other training in livestock products' technology and other services. Apart from academic qualifications a veterinarian should have genuine love and compassion for animals. Working with large animals requires physical stamina and quick body reflexes to tackle the animal's moody behavior and should be able to instinctively gauge the animal's condition.

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