Technical Writing - Eligibility


• Any Graduate or Engineer

• Candidates with any IT Exp

• Medical Transcriptionists

• Call Center Executives

• Software Engineers

• Technical writers for updating their technical skills

• Lecturers, Teachers, Professors

• Research Scholars

Jobs in Almost Every Industry

No matter which industry one would consider technical writer for a career, it probably employs technical communicators. Technical communicators work in IT, computer science, Engineering, medicine, environmental studies, electronics, Government, Media, Publishing, the aerospace industry, and just about any field in which people must interpret and use technology. They are an indispensable part of today's technological society.

Career Prospects

Technical Writers are able to find opportunities as Information Designer, Senior Technical Writer, or Project Manager Positions. In big and multinational organizations, Technical Writers can find opportunities as Senior Technical Writer, Information Designer, or Project Manager Positions and even System Architect. Promotion often takes the path form of increased responsibility and pay rises.


Technical Writer is the most commonly used job title for this occupation. Other titles which are been used include Communications Specialist, Policy and Procedure Writer, Proposal Writer, Publications Specialist, Documentation Specialist, Information Developer, Technical Editor, Web Editor, and Information Designer.

Future trend / market trend

The high tech market today is really booming (usually!) and demand-driven by the computer industry--for technical communicators is very high. In fact there is actually a very much shortage of technical writers in the United States, India and Canada, and is rapidly turning that way in other countries. Thus, employers are always ready and open to recruit entry-level writers who wish to break into the field.

Thus, technical writing is one of the best paying jobs for those who wish to use their writing talents. The booming market these days for technical writers should parallel the continuing mushrooming growth of the computer, telecommunications and other high tech industries. Thus, there should be some measure of job security or at least the ability to find another job quickly should you be laid off. There is acute shortage of more than 50% of trained technical writers in global markets.

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