Teaching - Eligibility


To pursue ones career in this noble field requires a minimum of graduation in education. There is also number of institutes offering post graduation and PhD in this discipline. The requirement to teach in the pre primary, primary and secondary school varies. To join Secondary and Senior Secondary Teacher Training course,

the candidates must have a post graduate degree in the subject they wish to teach in. Now there are number of special schools which have come up for special children where they require teachers specially trained for such education. There are number of diploma courses available for special education. The eligibility criteria for other higher posts in the government cadre require highly qualified candidates according to state requirements.

Apart from academic qualifications a career in this field requires passion for teaching. Teacher should have the ability to communicate well, to create a liking in young minds even in the case of most boring subjects. A teacher must always remember that apart from teaching, it is they who shape a child's character. Teacher has to be a friend, philosopher and guide to his wards. They should inculcate discipline in children.

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