Radiography - Eligibility


The Radiography curriculum prepares the graduate to be a radiographer, a skilled health care professional who uses radiation to produce images of the human body. The Radiography program is designed for students who have completed two years of pre-professional college work inclusive of general education and allied health core courses.

Course work includes clinical rotations to area health care facilities, radiographic exposure, image processing, radiographic procedures, physics, pathology, patient care and management, radiation protection, quality assurance, anatomy and physiology, and radiobiology.

General education requirements may vary depending on the university and the country. In the Unites States of America upon successful completion of the degree requirements, students are eligible to apply for admission to write the certification examination administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).

Successful completion of the ARRT examination provides the graduate with the qualifications to practice as a registered technologist in radiography. There is also number of advanced certificate courses available in this particular field. Apart from educational requirements a radiographer should have a calm temperament, an objective approach towards the patients and an understanding of people of all ages, the ability to infuse confidence in patients, tolerance, a strong willpower, strength of mind and purpose are essential for people. Good communication skills and a spirit for teamwork, good powers of observation, accurate judgment and self-confidence are others aspects of a skilled radiographers.

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