Public Relations Eligibility


Many entry-level public relations specialists have a college degree in public relations, journalism, advertising, or communication. Some firms seek college graduates who have worked in electronic or print journalism. Other employers seek applicants with demonstrated communication skills and training or experience in a field related to

the firm's business-information technology, health care, science, engineering, sales, or finance, for example.

There are number of colleges/universities which offer graduate and post graduate courses in public relations. Apart from these degrees there are also short term diploma and certificate courses offered by various institutes. Number of other disciplines like advertisement journalism humanity and social science also deals with public relation.

Many colleges help students gain part-time internships in public relations that provide valuable experience and training. Membership in local chapters of the Public Relations Student Society of America (affiliated with the Public Relations Society of America) or in student chapters of the International Association of Business Communicators provides an opportunity for students to exchange views with public relations specialists and to make professional contacts that may help them find a job in the field. Apart from academic qualifications one opting for public relations should have good communication skills, analytical mind, patience, good organizational skills, resilience and the courage to handle crisis.

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