Photography is the art or job of taking or making photographs. It is the creation of images by exposing film or a computer chip to light inside a camera. The word photography comes from Greek words meaning to write or draw with light. Photography is a process of making pictures by the action of light. Light is reflected from an object to form an image on a material sensitive to light.

Most pictures are made using a device called a camera. A camera works like the human eye, capturing reflected light from objects and through a camera lens and focusing those light rays into an image. Traditionally cameras recorded the image onto film. More recently through the development of computer chips, many cameras capture their images on a computer chip. The computer chip then allows the conversion of the image to digital data. Photography is a hobby that can be made profitable by going professional by the talented.

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The technical aspect of photography has exploded with the digital photography boom where it is a form of photography that utilizes digital technology to make digital images of subjects. Digital images can be displayed, printed, stored, manipulated, transmitted, and archived using digital and computer techniques, without chemical processing. So not only do you need to learn all the artistic angles of setting up and shooting a photograph, you also need to learn how to produce that photography in its best possible light on a computer. With the explosion of the communication network, the growth of advertising and media and the fashion boom, and digital photography, it has now become a profession with great commercial value. Thus training hones the inherent skills and help to shine in this competitive field with various specializations like portraiture, fashion and advertising photography, journalistic photography, wildlife and outdoors photography etc.With a love of photography, and some technical instruction from one of many accredited art schools, you can turn your passion into a profession.

Job Prospects

Photography has become more than just a hobby. It is now a full-fledged career of capturing, processing and manipulating images. Today it is perceived as a rewarding career. A young enthusiast would need to have some amount of technical skill combined with a creative flair. Professional photographers enjoy a prestigious and creative life, with many different outlets for their talents. As a professional photographer, you may work in one or more of the following fields:

• Wedding photography

• Portrait and studio photography

• Fashion photography

• Photo-journalism

• Advertising photography

• Magazine photography

• Event photography

• Digital photo art

• Fine art photography

• Landscape photography

• Architectural photography

• Wild life applications

• Travel photography

• Sport photography

• Industrial photography for catalogue and corporate presentation applications

• Scientific and education related photography

• Government also employs photographers

• Freelancing

• Forensic photography

Famous Personalities

Alfred Eisenstaedt (1898 - 1995)

Eisenstaedt became known to millions worldwide through his work for LIFE Magazine, which he joined as one of the first four staff photographers in 1935 (when it was still Project X). His 86 covers and over 2500 assignments for LIFE have portrayed the earth-shaking events and influential people of the twentieth century, from the dignity of royalty to the elegance of movie stars, from the passion of scholars to the determination of diplomats.

Eisenstaedt has received numerous awards for his work including the National Medal of the Arts; the International Understanding Award for Outstanding Achievement, the Photographic Society of America Achievement Award; and Photographer of the Year, Encyclopaedia Britannica. Time magazine heralded Eisenstaedt's V-J Day, Times Square, 1945 as one of the ten greatest images in the history of photojournalism. The artist has also authored many books, including:

• Eisenstaedt's Album, People

• The Eye of Eisenstaedt

• Witness to Our Time

• Eisenstaedt's Guide to Photography

• Eisenstaedt's Martha's Vineyard

• Eisenstaedt: Remembrances

Prestigious museums and galleries have exhibited Eisenstaedt's photographs, including the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the International Center of Photography (a retrospective), and the Philadelphia College of Art, among others. Eisenstaedt's photographs are in the permanent collections of the Royal Photographic Society, London; the International Center of Photography, New York; the George Eastman House, Rochester; and the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa.

Brad Perks

Brad Perks got his first "brownie" camera at the age of 8. He immediately began capturing a unique perspective. Brad showed a talent with candid moments and abstractions of his innocent reality. He invested in quality equipment at 16. He learned to keep his camera close at hand and ready to roll.

Brad Perks 2002 Bishop Creek CA Brad Perks had an eager willingness to try. He helped on a rock video with Huey Lewis and interned for a local TV show called California North. Brad showed his rocking portfolio to Jessica McKlintok and she hired him to shoot a wedding at Francis Ford Copalla's old mansion. Brad Perks developed his professional career taking pictures of weddings, social events, and celebrations. His notable clients in San Francisco included Levis, the Gap, Toshiba, the Art Deco Society, Neiman Marcus, Women's Wear Daily, Chronicle, Examiner, Nob Hill Gazette, and the San Francisco Ballet. Perks skill with a camera opened many new doors and took him many new places. He has also been hired to photograph some notable people such as Vice President Dan Quayle, Vice President Al Gore, Ester Williams, Patrick Swayze, Isabella Rossellini, Pablo Cruise Band, George Lucas, and Joe Dimaggio.

Brad Perks envisioned a new future before him. He studied online to become his own web master. He has now expanded the web site to nearly 3000 pages. His "online gallery" has been featured at FlipBooks,Profotos, and Nature Photographers. More than 1000 web sites now link to PC Image Network and Lightscapes Photo Gallery. The Internet provides Perks with worldwide exhibitions on a daily basis. More than two million people saw his web site in 2007. This high tech exposure, a lifetime of dedication and God given talent have helped make Perks a world famous photographer.

Brad Perks was selected as the official Bay Area photographer for the Millennium Photo Brad Perks 2005 Livermore Valley CA Project in 1999. 2000 photographers from around the world had 24 hours to document the turn of the millennium. Perks picture, Fireworks over San Francisco , won an International Award. The book has another picture taken at Yahoo during their "Bunker Down Party ". He showed the computer techs ready to wage war on any potential Y2K bugs in Silicon Valley. Perks helped encourage Yahoo to sponsor an exhibit of this historic project at the Chicago airport.

The astonishing aspect of Brad's work lies in his ability to create incredible images throughout the photographic medium. While many professional photographers create images in one realm of photography (i.e. portraiture, fashion, etc.), Brad has been able to dominate the medium through all of these and many more. Forward progress continues to happen at a fast pace. A scenic picture book called San Francisco: A Photographic Portrait is currently available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Brad Perks new book called Inspirational Harvest and Hope is about the California Vineyards. Perks third book is already on the drawing board.

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