The word medicine is derived from the Latin ars medicina, meaning the art of healing. Medicine involves health care practices to maintain and restore human health by the prevention and treatment of illness. In a nut shell medicine should be defined as the art and science of healing.

Medicine encompasses both an area of knowledge, a science of body systems and diseases and their treatment, and the applied practice of that knowledge. There are number of alternative medical systems which apply health science, biomedical research, and medical technology to diagnose and treat injury and disease, typically through medication, surgery, or some other form of therapy. The United States spends more than 10% of every dollar it collects on healthcare. More than eleven million people work in the healthcare industry and jobs in healthcare careers in health are predicted to be among the highest growing.

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A physician, medical practitioner or medical doctor is a person who holds a medical degree, practices medicine, and is concerned with maintaining or restoring human health through the study, diagnosis, and treatment of disease and injury. This is accomplished through a detailed knowledge of anatomy, physiology, diseases and treatment - the science of medicine - and its applied practice - the art or craft of medicine. Ever since the 1970's alternative medicine has become an ever increasing popular choice for patients to consider. There are many forms of alternative types of medicine that are offered today only a few have actually been recognized by main stream medicine, however as more and more research is being done on alternative forms of medicine, consumers are now able to select a form of alternative medicine that they feel will benefit their condition and health.

Alternative medical systems are built upon complete systems of theory and practice. Often, these systems have evolved apart from and earlier than the conventional medical approach used in the United States. Examples of alternative medical systems include:

• Acupuncture

• Ayurveda

• Homeopathy

• Native American healing practices

• Naturopathic medicine

• Tibetan medicine

• Traditional Chinese medicine

Today apart from the basic MBBS level, there are specializations and even super specialisations.Some of the common areas of specialization in Medicine and Surgery are:

General Practitioner or Physician: He diagnosis and treats the every day and sundry ailments of the human body.

General Surgeon: Is one who specializes in surgery for all organs of the body. He can further specialize in specific areas. Surgery is of various types Orthopaedic, Plastic, Neuro etc.

Anaesthetist or Anaesthesiologists: Administers anesthetics to a patient undergoing surgical operation according to the nature of operation.

Psychiatrist: Diagnoses and treats mental disorders.

Neurologist: Diagnosis and treats diseases related to brain and nervous system.

Pediatrician: Deals with children's diseases.

Ophthalmologist or Eye Specialist: Treats diseases and disorders of eyes.

Pathologist: Investigate the cause of various diseases and the possibilities for their prevention. His duties involve conducting chemical, microscopic and bacteriological test in labs and examining blood, tissues, urine etc. to find out the cause for disease.

Cardiologist: Also called as heart specialist. Treats diseases related to heart and circulatory system.

Gynaecologist-Obstetrician: Diagnosis and treats diseases and disorders of human female reproduction system.

Dermatologist: Diagnosing and treating skin ailments.

Orthopaedist: Deals with diseases connected to skeletal system. It involves diagnosing, treatment and correction of diseases/deformities of skeletal system.

Gastroenterologist: Treats diseases related to liver, pancreas, stomach, intestine, bowels and gall bladder

Radiologist: Diagnosis diseases and disorders by studying X-ray pictures of affected parts and gives treatment such as therapeutic radiation to affected parts of the body.

ENT specialist: Treats disorders of ear, nose and throat

Dentist or Dental surgeon: Treats surgically and medically diseases and disorders related to teeth, gums and soft tissues of mouth. The basic degree is BDS. At Master level (MDS) specialization is possible in areas such as Operative Dentistry or Oral Surgery.

Job Prospects:

Job opportunities include employment in government or private hospitals, Defence Services, Nursing homes, Poly- clinics, Research and Health centers, Medical colleges etc. There is also scope to do your own practice while being visiting specialists at various hospitals or visiting faculty at Medical colleges.

Famous Personalities

Virginia Apgar

Virginia Apgar (June 7, 1909-August 7, 1974) was an American physician who specialised in anesthesia and pediatrics. She was a leader in the fields of anesthesiology and teratology, and effectively founded the field of neonatology. To the public, however, she is best known as the developer of the Apgar test, a method of assessing the health of newborn babies that has drastically reduced infant mortality over the world. She graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 1929, and the Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons in 1933.In 1949, Apgar became the first woman to become a full professor at Columbia , while she also did clinical and research work at the affiliated Sloane Hospital for Women. In 1959, she earned a Master of Public Health degree from the Johns Hopkins University. In 1953, she introduced the first test, called the Apgar score, to assess the health of newborn babies. It is administered one minute and five minutes after birth, and sometimes also at 10 minutes.

Recognition and awards

Distinguished Service Award from the American Society of Anesthesiologists (1966)

Elizabeth Blackwell Award, from the American Women's Medical Association (1966)

Alumni Gold Medal for Distinguished Achievement, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons (1973)

Ralph M. Waters Award, American Society of Anesthesiologists (1973)

Woman of the Year in Science, Ladies Home Journal (1973)

Apgar has continued to earn posthumous recognition for her contributions and achievements. In 1994, she was commemorated on a U.S.

postal stamp. In November 1995 she was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, New York

Joseph Lister

Joseph Lister was born in Upton, Essex. He was a professor of surgery at Glasgow University. Lister was educated in the University of London and Edinburgh. Joseph reduced deaths to 12% in 1869. He reduced deaths by improving cleanliness in operations. To prevent infections he needed to ensure that the air didn't get into wounds. He read about the discovery of germs from Louis Pasteur. Joseph developed the first method of preventing infections during an operation. Lister experimented on an 11 year old boy. He left the leg exposed, then he cleaned the wound, later he placed a dressing covered with carbolic acid. Later he decided to develop his theory further because of his success. Lister then invented a carbolic spray, used to spray in operating areas. He also said that surgery rooms had to be kept clean, doctors had to wear clean clothes, and the tools had to be disinfected. The deaths of blood poisoning and gangrene were reduced. His services to medicine were recognized. Joseph Lister was awarded "knighthood." Today terms, like "Before Lister" and "After Lister" are used to describe surgeries.

Dr. Joseph 'Joe' Ransohoff,

II (July 1, 1915- January 30, 2001) was a pioneer in the field of neurosurgery. In addition to training numerous neurosurgeons, his "ingenuity in adapting advanced technologies" saved many lives and even influenced a television program, Ben Casey. Among other innovations, he created the first intensive care unit dedicated to neurosurgery, and helped define the fields of pediatric neurosurgery and neuroradiology. Ransohoff was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, son of Dr. Joseph Louis Ransohoff II, a surgeon who himself was the son of a surgeon. He received his undergraduate degree from Harvard University, although while attending Harvard he seriously considered dropping out in order to participate in the Spanish Civil War, due to his Communist sympathies. A favorite boast of his was that he was the only student in the history of the University to graduate on parole. He received his medical degree from the University of Chicago in 1941 and went on to become a surgery instructor at the University of Cincinnati. Three years into his residency, he was drafted into the United States Army where he was taught neurosurgery, and after seeing action at the Battle of Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge, and personally befriending General George S. Patton, was assigned to air evacuation centers in France and Germany.

After three years in the military, he completed his residency at Montefiore Hospital. He went on to teach at Columbia University and practice surgery at the New York Neurologic Institute at Presbyterian Hospital before moving to New York University School of Medicine to become chairman of its neurosurgery department in 1962, holding this prestigious position for 30 years. While in this capacity, Ransohoff was famed for hosting a weekly spinal and neurosurgical gathering for doctors of the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut to come and seek his advice on challenging cases. In 1992, Dr. Ransohoff left New York University Hospital for Tampa, Florida, at the behest of the James A. Haley VA Hospital, which wanted to reform its neurosurgical department. Professionally he greatly improved the neurosurgical and spinal centers at the VA Hospital and Tampa General Hospital, and added greatly to the brain cancer research programs at Moffitt Cancer Center.

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