Medical Transcription - Eligibility


Medical transcriptionists must have a few basic qualities like good command over English, listening skills and knowledge of medical terminology. Besides they should enroll for a formal training in this area. Several institutes offer diploma courses in medical transcription. Graduates and undergraduates can apply for such courses.

It does not require specialized IT skills but however the above mentioned primary skills are necessary. There are number of institutes that offer training programmes on Medical Transcription. Since this job requires experience, most of the companies recruits a lot of people as trainees and then develop their skills so that they become experts in this field.

Basic medical anatomy should be known in order to be able to follow what is being dictated. You should also constantly be reading and educating oneself on new drugs - their trade names and generic names, their spelling and general application; medical terminology; medical procedures and protocols etc.A good typing speed is an added advantage. Regular comprehensive quality training is necessary to be successful in this field. Medical transcription is a profession which demands a very good co-ordination between the mind, ears, eyes and the hands. It requires a lot of accuracy in terms of listening to and understanding the dictation being given.

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