Event Management


The word 'Event' now needs to be re-defined in view of the manifold growth of the various 'happenings' in the 'commercial' as well as in the 'non-commercial' world. Be it private happenings or public events, everything now is done on 'big scale'. 'Image' is the key word today. This 'image' building exercise today needs professional managers or an organization with the experience.

Most companies or the general public approach the event management with a vague idea and a budget in their mind. It is then entirely up to the event manager to develop and improvise and turn the idea into a success in a cost effective manner. Once the idea and the budget are settled, they begin their task of planning and implementation of the event as per the requirements of the clients. An event manager has to first design the basic framework, after which he prepares the marketing plans, hunts for sponsors, works on the logistics, locates the site/destination, contacts vendors, hires performers, prints/mails invitation cards, creates menus, looks after the stage/lights, books the artistes, arranges for transport for different people, and plans and finalizes every aspect of the event. Event managers usually start working months before the event. Sometimes, in order to make the work easier, large event management companies hire the services of smaller companies on a contract basis. To host an event successfully one should have the following skills


• Negotiating Skills

•Creative Skills

• Convincing Skills

• Coordinating Skills

• Planning skills

• Executing and implementing skills

There are a number of companies hosting and organizing events on a regular basis which range from the small time private events to the large-scale international events. Today number of people has entered the field because they have realized the potential of the market where demand and supply is concerned. In fact, the most profitable aspect of this field is the need for creativity. And that is how and where one earns. There are people, who are part of this profession on an individual basis, or then as a company, having pooled in together resources - financial and manpower.

There are numerous event management consultants who render their services in the varied departments of event management. It is not possible for just a few people to put together a big event, and do require the services of a number of consultants, who can be delegated important tasks for the event. Usually, event companies prefer working with consultants, who are roped in on project basis. This field entails optimum communication skills, as well as ability to look into the minutest details of things in order to ensure optimum level of execution. Usually, event management companies work in tandem with the advertising agencies in order to effectively market the event, as well as create widespread awareness about the event.

Advertising the event is an important aspect, which actually makes an event successful. Some advertising agencies also provide event management planning solutions to help event companies reap in more profits. One of the most important aspects of event managements is promoting and marketing the event. And advertising as a tool cannot be underestimated in event marketing & event promotion. Almost every event, except for the private parties and events have kept aside a budget to cover advertising costs. And those involved in event marketing & event promotion need to first analyze what type of media would reach their target audience like

• Commercial Television

• Cable Television

• Radio

• Print

• Road shows


• Business events

• Corporate events

• Cause-Related events

• Coordinating Skills

• Fundraising events

• Exhibitions

• Trade fairs

• Entertainment events

• Concerts/live performances

• Festive events

• Government events

• Meetings

• Seminars

• Workshops

• Conferences

• Conventions

• Social and cultural events

• Sporting events

• Marketing events

• Promotional events

• Brand and product launches


Event management has been considered as an exciting career option. This does not require much investment and offers a lot of independence and flexibility. No formal degree or qualification is required, but the person should have a genuine passion for conducting events, have very good organizing ability and be flexible to work for long hours. Careers in event management seem to be alluring more and more youth. In fact, even homemakers have stepped into the industry and organize small and private events in their spare time. Also, there are event management companies that take on consultants, who work with them on a freelance basis, as and when the need arises. Thus there is a lot of scope in the field of event management. There are openings in the following departments

In the event management field one can find job in any of the following field

• Visualizing concepts

• Planning

• Budgeting

• Marketing

• Organizing

• Coordinating

• Executing

One can also select a few areas of event specialization that include:

• Fashion shows

• Musical concerts

• Corporate seminars

• Exhibitions

• Wedding celebrations

• Theme parties

• Product launching



Lucky is the current Athletics Event intern. Currently working on his MBA in Sport Management, he is responsible for facilitating and supporting the Athletic Event staff in the quality administration of all Pioneer athletic events. This season, Lucky served as event manager for Men's and Women's basketball as well as Women's Lacrosse.


Stuart begins his ninth year with the Division of Athletics and Recreation and has served in a variety of roles during his tenure. This will be his second year overseeing the merged responsibilities of recreation/athletic events/Ritchie Center operations. Prior to the University of Denver, Halsall spent time at Indiana University and James Madison University and was born and raised in the United Kingdom. As part of his One DU efforts, Stuart is responsible for the management and improvement of recreation program and service delivery to campus and community participants, a quality athletic event experience, and managing the venues and assets of the Daniel L. Ritchie Center for Sports & Wellness to deliver a quality environment to the user.


anine begins here fifth year managing the scheduling office for the Daniel L. Ritchie Center for Sports and Wellness. She is in charge of managing the calendar for all of the Ritchie Center venues including the scheduling of practice schedules, varsity events, recreational programming, student programming, university events and community programming and events. In addition, Janine assists the community with procuring and managing rental opportunities in the facility.


Dubai's Shopping Festival is one big example for event management. Dubai Shopping Festival started on February 15, 1996 as a retail event intended to revitalize retail trade in Dubai. It has since been promoted as a tourist attraction. This yearly month long event is usually scheduled during the first quarter of the year, attracting about 3 million people to Dubai. During Dubai Shopping Festival, shops offer deep discounts on their merchandise, daily car raffles are drawn, and fireworks light Dubai's night sky. Tourists from all around the world are lured not only for Dubai's tax free shopping, but also for all of the events that take place during the festival.

Dubai - admired and called 'city of gold', the city of gold concept was coined during one of the Dubai Shopping Festival awareness campaigns, In 1996, Dubai invited everyone from all around the world to a global annual festival which came to be named as the milestone "Dubai Shopping Festival" or DSF, they came up with the novel idea of a global village, a shopping village was conceived with all nations participating with their wares and styles in their traditional or cultural ways, the immigrant ex pat population and the fly in visitors rejoiced in the celebration that took place and the promise was given that from then on every year Dubai will host a festival for people from all around the world. Dubai shopping festival was segregated into many major attractions all with one purpose, to have as many ways of entertaining the guests to the city, and catering to each and every individual segment's visiting from around the world, the loyalty of the local expatriate populations definitely finds a reason to become even more attached to the city that brings to them their own culture every year.

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