Beauty Care - Eligibility


A career in beauty care doesn't require any specific educational qualification. Those who have a keen interest and inclination in beauty care can enter the field. But it is an advantage for a beautician or a cosmetologist to have a diploma in beauty care. There are several training schools for beauty care courses and most of them require no particular academic qualification.

The duration of the courses depends upon the specialization and varies according to the institution. Rather than high academic inputs, a beautician requires practical skills which can be gained not only by professional training but with a great deal of hands-on practice. This can be acquired either by working at a good saloon or by enrolling for a course at a reputed beauty school.

The main attribute needed for a beauty professional is a good sense of aesthetics, creative bent of mind and a liking for people of all ages. They must be friendly, polite, attractive, and confident and must be in good health. They should possess good business sense and the ability to express oneself easily. Knowledge of different languages is an asset in this field. Another important factor needed for a beautician is the attitude to keep abreast of all the latest trends introduced into the beauty circuit and the willingness to learn everything.

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