Advertising - Eligibility


The advertising field is a multidisciplinary major where the companies generally recruit candidates who are qualified in the field of advertising/mass communication. The students also enter this field with a bachelor's degree in Public Relations and Advertising or some related field. A Masters degree in Buisness Administration would be ideal for the market research, client servicing and media planning departments.

Apart from educational qualification they should personally attribute with creativity and flair for writing or ability to translate ideas into a visual format are required for making a successful career in this field. Market and media researchers should have an analytical and logical brain. Those in creative field should possess artistic abilities to make the ad appealing to the masses.

Thus this course has been developed for people wanting a career in business, marketing, or management - specializing in the advertising industry. It covers the essentials of marketing, business, public relations, and media, as well as looking at all the important elements that make up successful advertising agencies and integrated marketing communications agencies.

Institutes : Some of the prominent institutions offering courses in advertising can be had from the following links.. Click here for more information