The United States of America will be going for its Presidential elections on November 4 , 2008 . With Hillary Clinton out of the race for the Democratic Party seat, the tug of war is now set between the Democrat Barack Obama and the Republican John Mc. Cain.

Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961, and John McCain was born on August 29, 1936. Their charts and life events are discussed below.

John McCain is a Virgo with a Mercury-ruled Sun sign.

McCain seemingly enjoys an easy relationship with the general public. He has the openness and Virgo flexibility and this might turn opportunistic for him. In addition to openness and flexibility, he will need a strong Neptune to be able to attract loyal Bush conservatives as well as mainstream voters.

John McCain has a strong Neptune. It is opposed by Saturn and squared by Jupiter. This can be an advantage for this Republican. He was born in a year of the Rat just like Al Gore and George H.W. Bush and obviously this symbol has proven to be strong enough for any leadership. Rats are the by far most successful communicators and organizers.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Barack Obama has been born in a Year of the Buffalo, which signifies strength and durability. In the past, America had seen Buffalo Richard Nixon as the President . Buffaloes are known for their charismatic acting abilities. Buffalos know how to compensate their limited intellectual abilities with appropriate statements that can reach the masses with usually relatively plain messages. All this gave Barrack Obama a great chance to knock out Pig Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama is a radiant Leo, born 8/4/61, 1:06 PM. His Venus in Cancer is conjunct the US Venus, so the US people like him and he is devoted to his country. Venus in Cancer softens the imperious Leo ego.. He is certainly a dynamic Leo in public, having become comfortable in the limelight, in spite of his Sun's challenge from a Neptune square.The strong Leo Sun burns through the Neptune haze. Fortunately, he is married to a Capricorn and the moon in his 7th shows his need for a wife's counsel.

His Saturn which rules discipline and responsibility works nicely with his Mars, both in earth signs- showing a steadiness and ability to stay the course. His Mars is in Virgo, so even though the Sun/Mercury show his ability to command a room, the Mars indicates he will roll up his sleeves and work when needed .

BARACK OBAMA has Libra Ascendant and Venus is placed in the 9th house indicating a strong personality. Sun, the significator of power and authority placed in the house of Leo indicates wonderful leadership qualities. The Lord of tenth house of career Moon is exalted and forms good aspects with Jupiter suggesting his potential.

Powerful Saturn is always a boon for a politician. Exalted Mercury in the tenth house and Moon-Jupiter conjunction in the 4th house forming a wonderful Rajayoga.

.All the planets are very strong in his chart. So, there is no doubt about his potential as the next incumbent of the White House.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

HILLARY CLINTON has Libra Ascendant and the strong Venus placed in the Ascendant gives her charismatic personality. Saturn placed exactly over the midheaven looks wonderful and makes her chart significantly strong. Moon- the 10th house Lord is in exchange with strong Saturn forming great Rajayoga and gives her endless perseverance. But it also indicates emotional volatility and she is easily irritated. Mars is debilitated but exalted in Navamsa and placed with Saturn in the 10th house giving her drive and ambition, but also signifying repressed anger.

She is currently running Venus-Saturn-Saturn period and both the planets are remarkably powerful and well placed in her chart. But Saturn becomes weak which seems to create hurdles in her race for White House.

Hillary Clinton has been born in a Year of the Pig and it is no surprise, that she has reached such a big turning point in her career.

The past President Ronald Reagon had been a truly successful Pig at the White House when he had handled cold war tactics with ease..But most Pig women have a lack of intellectual and emotional depth which are both required for serious leadership abilities. In fact, most Pig women do not enjoy and desire the central limelight so that it is again no surprise, that Hillary Clinton does not look to feel very comfortable in public situations.