With the American Presidential Elections round the corner, there seems to be mushrooming predictions on who is going to turn out the victor in the race for the world's most coveted seat. George Bush of the Republican Party and Kerry from the Democrats' side are locking horns on the 2nd of November, 2004 for the race.

Nader is also in the fray as an Independent Candidate but his prospects have been ruled out for this elections. A better phase is likely for him in the next 10 years' time.

Astrology News, George Bush of the Republican Party and John Kerry from the Democrats, US presidential elections, 2004.

Astrology News, George Bush of the Republican Party and Kerry from the Democrats, US presidential elections, 2004.

Presidential Candidates and their Profiles

Candidate Profile
John Forbes Kerry
Democratic Party - [Sagittarius]
December 11th, 1943
8:03 AM
George Walker Bush
Republican Party - [Cancer]
July 6th, 1946
7:26 AM
New Haven
Ralph Nader
Independent Candidate - [Pisces]
February 27th, 1934
4:52 am

Natal Chart of John Kerry

7 Mars, Moon
8 Sat

John Kerry

Birth Chart

10 Jupt
2 Mer
1 Sun
12 Ven

John Kerry is a Yale graduate brought up in European boarding schools with a French mother and married to the cosmopolitan philanthropist Teresa Heinz. Kerry was born just before sunrise with a huge full Moon descending over the Western horizon, sandwiched between the two "malefics" Mars and Saturn. This is a very strong constellation in his natal chart.

The most obvious apparent weakness in Kerry's chart is the stellium in Gemini opposite the Sun, straddling the Ascendant/Descendant axis. But the effect can be ruled out as Mercury is in very strong square to Neptune. 2005 is a significant year in Kerry's life because the journey is over for the Mars in his chart. From 2005 onwards Mars enters new territory- a new seat in the offing.

Mercury, the 8th Lord in John Kerry's natal chart is in the 2nd house and is aspected by Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. Though the aspect of Mars comes from the 8th house it turns out to be benefic due to its significance as the Ascendant Lord.

The 10th house in his chart is occupied by the benefic Jupiter and is aspect by the 3rd and 4th Lord Saturn and the Ascendant Lord Mars. The 10th Lord Sun is in the Ascendant and is aspect by the Ascendant Lord Mars and the Exalted 9th Lord Moon.

The aspect of Mars on the 10th house as the Ascendant Lord is very significant in his case. It is very constructive and adds to the strength of the 10th house of profession or career.

The 10th Lord is further strengthened by the benefics Mercury and Venus flanking it on either side. This generates a favorable condition for Kerry. Both the 10th Lord and the 10th house are very strong in his birth chart indicating good performance in the elections.

Compatibility of John Kerry with the US

John Kerry's Sun and Ascendant fall on the US Ascendant, and his Gemini stellium on the US Descendant. His Uranus is on the US Uranus, and his North Node is on the US Node – with the same house positions too.This is an extraordinary powerful contact. Kerry has Mercury exactly opposite US Jupiter and Venus, and Venus exactly trine US Venus – which strongly suggests financial growth and favorable business developments for the US if he wins the Presidency. His Ascendant ruler Jupiter at Leo is exactly opposite the US Moon at Aquarius. This shall earn him the popularity from the people of the US.

Natal Chart of George Bush


George Bush

Birth Chart

1Sat, Mer, Ven
2 Mars
3 Moon, Jupt

George Bush has a dominantly placed Saturn in his Ascendant house Cancer. Cancer is ruled by Moon which is the planet for the masses or people. Saturn aspects the 10th house of profession/career of George Bush. The Ascendant Lord Moon is aspected by Saturn. Moon is along with the 9th Lord Jupiter in the house of Virgo. This adds to the strength of Moon. The 10th Lord Mars is strong in the 2nd house. These positions have earned him the office he now holds. But Saturn is in his Dasa ending period during the Election Week. Hence there is the likelihood of a neck-to-neck race. The natal Sun of USA's chart is in the once every 30 year conjunction with Saturn at 13 Cancer. Bush also has the same Sun degree and hence his prospects appear to be bright in the race to the Presidential seat.

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