2023 Sun Transits

Vedic astrology describes the Sun as the ‘Atma', soul of the humans. Its rays impact everything. The Sun travels around the complete zodiac chart in one year. It enters every star sign once every month. The effects of the Sun on the zodiac sign it enters and all the other zodiac signs are felt for that day only. The Sun is thought to illuminate everything and bring out the hidden on this transit day.


Sun Transits in Aries

A soon as the Sun enters Aries on March 20, 2023, at 21:24, you will feel energetic. The day marks the beginning of the Vernal Equinox as well. The Ram is very active and possesses childlike energy. Thus, the Sun transit would bring out your inner child. Watch out, that child could be naughty and too demanding! Your ego will also flare-up. On the positive side, you would have the energy to accomplish a lot for the day. However, on the negative side, you will be spitting fire. It could damage many of your relationships, and you will regret this after the effects of the transit ends.


Sun Transits in Taurus

The Sun entering the bull sign on April 20, 2023, at 08:13 will highlight your stubborn side. Your focus will shift towards your goals. The urge to lavishly spend your money on luxuries will be high. You might dine out in fine hotels. However, do not overspend. Do not overdo yourself. Go for a stroll in nature, or go for a hike. You will feel relaxed. Connect to nature or earth in some way or the other.


Sun Transits in Gemini

The Sun will ingress Gemini on May 21, 2023, at 07:09. It will make you feel very social. Go out for an adventure, or maybe travel to some beautiful place for sightseeing. Make plans to hang out with friends on this day. You shall do something new. On the negative side, you might get bored if you are religiously following the old routine.


Sun Transits in Cancer

The Sun entering Cancer on June 21, 2023, at 14:57, marks the beginning of the Summer Solstice. It is a great day for a family get-togethers. You might host a family party for the day or may go for a picnic in the woods. Look after your children with extra care. Also, most of you might be feeling quite emotional. Cancerians hide their emotions. However, the Sun transit would bring these hidden emotions to the light, exposing a lot. Get ready for the future consequences!


Sun Transits in Leo

The Sun enters Leo on July 23, 2023, at 01:50. Get ready to shower yourself with glamour! Wear your best outfit for the day. You would find the urge to boss others around. You might find yourself gossiping around with a dramatic flair. Do not worry if it is unlike you. It is the effect of the Sun entering Leo and would last a day only. Do not be rude to people. You will be feeling courageous.


Sun Transits in Virgo

The Sun will enter Virgo on August 23, 2023, at 09:01. You will feel very motivated to glide through your routine vigilantly. Virgo is a grounded and stable star. You will feel balanced in all aspects of your life. And would find yourself looking at and considering the smallest details. You might also find yourself going in for social or charity works. However, avoid overthinking and criticizing others.


Sun Transits in Libra

The Sun will enter Libra on September 23, 2023, at 06:50, marking the beginning of the Autumnal Equinox. Libras are all about history, culture, grace, and decent manners. With the Sun entering Libra, you would feel very traditional and cultural. Men might be feeling the need to pull chairs for their lady loves. They might be holding doors for their female acquaintances and might be feeling of the responsible sort. You all might be wearing traditional clothes and eating with good manners. Visit museums or go sightseeing historical artifacts. Also, hold intellectual discussions and enjoy the day away. Romance will be at its peak.


Sun Transits in Scorpio

With the Sun entering Scorpio on October 23, 2023, at 16:20, all your hidden affairs, whether dark or good will be brought to light. True faces of people will be exposed. Stay alert as this would cause a lot of trouble around, especially in personal and professional circles. Also, people around you will be very jealous and seeking revenge.


Sun Transits in Sagittarius

The Sun entering Sagittarius on November 22, 2023, at 14:02 will make you feel optimistic and very practical. Do not make decisions without weighing the pros and cons. You will find the energy to multitask. Acquire this energy to your benefit. You will prioritize your freedom. However, you will be impatient. Keep your impatience in control.


Sun Transits in Capricorn

The Sun will transit to Capricorn on December 21, 2023, at 03:27, marking the Winter Solstice. You will be dependable. People will seem to be depending on you due to the effect of this Sun transit. You might be organizing your cupboards or rooms. You will be feeling the need to delete not-needed stuff from your cellphones. Also, it will be a great day to get your things done. However, you might fall into the mindset where you expect everything to go worst or negative. Do not do that.


Sun Transits in Aquarius

The Sun transiting to Aquarius on January 20, 2023, at 08:29 will make you feel aloof. You will also come off as rude to people and act with some prejudice in your demeanor. Avoid such behavior, or you might hurt your loved ones. You will be hot-tempered and unable to compromise with anyone on anything. However, on the positive side, you would find yourself helping the poor and needy. Your creativity will be at its peak.


Sun Transits in Pisces

With the Sun transiting in Pisces on February 18, 2023, at 22:34, you will feel emotional. You will also feel the need to seek knowledge about the mystical world. Your observing skills will enhance. You will find an attraction towards arts, politics, literature, music, poetry, and writing. Avoid overthinking. Also, the transit will make you take jokes personally. Avoid such behavior.



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