2023 Mars Transits

According to Vedic astrology Mars is a very powerful planet. It gives the power to make decisions. It represents energy. The effects of the Mars transit last for about two or three days.

Gemini(Jan 12, 2023, at 20:56)

The Mars retrograde ending in Gemini will leave you less energetic. All the drama it caused will suddenly end like a tide falling away when the storm ends. You will have already received the closure from your Exes who resurfaced during the Mars retrograde in Gemini.

Mars Transits in Gemini

Also, if you were able to solve problems surfacing in your friends’ circle due to the Mars retrograde in Gemini, it will be more intact than before. However, if not you would have lost a few friendships.

No matter whatever the outcomes, rest assured that the storm brought by Mars retrograde in Gemini has now ended.

Cancer (Mar 25, 2023, at 11:43)

Mars Transits in Cancer

With Mars entering Cancer, it will make you feel highly protective about your loved ones. It highlights career, temper, attraction, and relationships.

Mars in Cancer will make you calculative, and you will move slow, judging the situation first. You will also become rebellious to change.

Moreover, your emotions will be dominant on logic and facts. You feel like a crab and feel defensive.

Meanwhile, in the relationship sector, you would want the other person to make the first move. You will feel like an introvert. Mars entering Cancer makes one reluctant to directly go after what they want. Thus, you will face mood swings.

Leo (May 20, 2023, at 15:30)

Mars Transits in Leo

While , Mars in Cancer made you sleepy and sentimental, Mars in Leo will make you courageous. Your energies will be fierce and directed towards what lights you up. You will be chasing your goals like a courageous lion chasing a deer. You will feel a lot active.

However, you can also feel very irritable. Due to Leo being a fixed sign, your temper might ignite at the lightest kindling. Don’t be too proud of yourself or rigid. Do mind your behavior as it might push others away from you.

Mars in Leo will make you highly passionate. Your sex drive will be strong. You would overlook the details and prefer taking the easiest route to success.

Virgo (Jul 10, 2023, at 11:39)

Mars Transits in Virgo

As soon as Mars ingress Virgo, a new chapter starts. Put away all your toys and get to work. Mars in Virgo becomes furious and critical at the smallest of the disruptions. It wants everything to be perfect and will make you detail-oriented. You will tend to double-check everything.

However, it is the best time to get your things done. You will be able to align all your time taking tasks. Mars in Virgo is all about work performance. Wear out your work clothes and work like a workaholic. Even the lazy people like Taureans will be happy to get in the work mode.

Libra (Aug 27, 2023, at 13:19)

Mars Transits in Libra

Mars entering Libra brings relaxing times for Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius folks. However, Aries, Capricorn, and Cancer natives will be stressed out.

You will more often find yourself quarreling with those around you because Mars in Libra is not a good combination. Mars in Aries is more likable. It will be like a team versus individual battle.

Also, you will feel indecisive. Another battle ensues between Mars and Libra. Libra does not want to decide while Mars is quick to decisions. Thus, avoid taking any decisions at this time. You will be passive-aggressive. You will be indulging in passionate debates and doing your best not to lose. You will tend to debate in a passive aggressive manner making your opponent comfortable too. How charming! Not only this but your relationships with your nearest and dearest will be in murky waters. Stay patient.

Scorpio (Oct 12. 2023, at 04:04)

Mars Transits in Scorpio

Mars ingress Scorpio brings out all your ugly traits and will make you reflect on them. It will bring you face to face with your demons, including anger. However, this anger will be healing you.

Moreover, gossiping will be at its peak during this time. Steer clear of gossip mongers. Mars in Scorpio would push you to pursue your goals with extra valor. You won’t back down at this time. You will chase what you want. You will feel an obsession towards your goal. You will be unravelling a lot of mysteries and new opportunities. Mars ingress Scorpio is hell of a ride! Put on your seat belts and get ready!

Sagittarius -S/R (Nov 24, 2023, at 10:14)

Mars Tansits in Sagittarius

Mars going retrograde in Sagittarius in December will dull your passion. You will be confused about your next move. Try to work through this and avoid risk-taking. Slow down and assess what is making you impatient. Only patience can guide you through the Mars retrograde.

However, on the positive side, the couples or singles waiting for marriage will be able to marry now. Your partner might be at some important post in a government job. And the allready famous celebrities can expect more fame and wealth. Twinkling bells for you! Although, the not so famous celebrities will have to work harder. Don’t worry you have got this!




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