Eclipses - 2023

October 14, 2023, is the day when an annular solar eclipse will occur. It will happen in the zodiac sign of Libra. The occurrence of an annular solar eclipse occurs when the New Moon comes in between the Earth and the Sun. However, it does not cover the Sun completely.

Solar Eclipse October 2023

The solar eclipse will be first visible from the USA, starting in Oregon at 9: 13 a.m and then ending in Texas at 12:03 pm. Then it will make the route to South and Central America, ending in the Atlantic Ocean, after the sunset. The partial solar eclipses will last about 1 hour, 15 minutes, and the annular solar eclipse will last about five minutes.

Effects of Annular solar eclipse – October 2023

The annular solar eclipse in Libra will bring out the cultural sides of everyone. People will feel rooted to their tradition. Get ready to witness and wear flowy dresses with a pinch of fashion and grace. You would find yourself holding or attending parties, get-togethers, and poetry nights.

Not only this but rush at the restaurants will increase. Many of you will be holding open the doors for your loved ones and pulling chairs for your significant others.

You shall visit cultural and historical places or artifacts. Go to historical events or funfairs. Visiting museums will enhance your knowledge.

The intellectual sides of people will be out in the open as a result of this solar eclipse. Holding intellectual discussions on various topics would be fun and refreshing.

Love and romance will be high. Dress up in gracious flowy dresses to attract your crushes. The portrayal of decent and polite manners will be a bonus. Rude people and behaviors won't be tolerated.

You would be welcoming change and also know the right things to say in public. Your social intelligence will increase.

However, the annular solar eclipse in Libra will make you feel quite indecisive. You would take too long to decide on almost anything under the Sun. Also, you would avoid confrontations. And could add to problems for you.

Also, the eclipse could affect your kidneys, lower back, skin, or buttocks. Take extra care of these regions.

Effect on Zodiac signs

Effects October 2023

The partial solar eclipse would highly affect the ones born about 0 to 7 degrees of the Fixed signs. These fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Furthermore, it will also affect the ones born between 27 to 30 degrees of the Cardinal signs. These signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.


The Solar eclipse being in Libra conflicts with Aries. Libra is indecisive, and Aries being quick to make decisions will confuse Aries natives. You will take one step forward and be pushed two steps backward. It will also bring you into conflict with your partner. Try to keep the peace.


Taurus, this October 14 has a lot to offer you. However, some other energies at play would make you feel irritated and stingy. Keep your cool. Do not spend your money lavishly.


Cancer, do not over expect from your significant other during this eclipse season. They cannot be present everywhere for you. In financial matters, you will be taking initiative and making wise moves.


The eclipse in Libra makes you positive for compromising, Leo. However, you will feel very insecure. You would be wrongly assuming that something is wrong in your relationship. Stop overthinking, or else you will ruin your relationship.


Libra, you might feel that your significant other is leaving you behind. However, some pleasant exchanges would go a long way. The eclipse will add to your charm, and you can get things done your way. You would be high on motivation to grow your finances.


Scorpio, your decision-making power will be very high as the eclipse occurs. You will have the strength to make the right decisions. The solar eclipse gives you the chance to combine your intuition with your experience and use it to move towards the right financial direction.


You are more stable at this time and are making compromises. However, your relationship will be on verge of collapsing because due to work pressure, you will be unable to give your partner ample time. Meanwhile, in the financial sector, you will be managing your assets with ease and benefit.


Aquarius, you shall remain diplomatic in all situations. You shall wait for good days to come. Also, you will not be getting many financial opportunities either. However, it is a good time for your relationship sector. Use it to foster your personal ties.



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