Eclipses - 2023

The second lunar eclipse for the year 2023 will be a partial lunar eclipse. It will occur in the zodiac house of Taurus on October 28, 2023. The eclipse will last for about 77 minutes, and 21 seconds. It will possess a magnitude of 0.1220. The greatest eclipse will occur at 20:14:03. It is a member of the Saros cycle.

Lunar Eclipse October 2023

Visibility of the eclipse

• Europe

• Most of Asia

• Most of Africa

• Eastern America

• Australia

What do lunar eclipses bring for us?

• Lunar eclipses expose the hidden faces of people around us. We get to see them in their true light.

• Lunar eclipses also bring change for us. This change is inevitable and is bound to happen, no matter what.

• Also, lunar eclipses shut close the doors no longer required in our life journey, whether we like it or not.

Dos and Don’ts during the eclipse (some common myths)

• According to an Indian myth, you shall take bath with cold water with your clothes on after the eclipse ends. That is probably a bad idea for people living in cold regions. However, if you have not taken bath in a week or so, you definitely should!

• If you have eaten during the eclipse, observe fast for the next three days! Sounds insane? However, it is scientifically proven that the increased UV rays contaminate your food. Of course, you don’t need to believe the myth until and unless you cover your food.

• You shall avoid intercourse during the “Chandra Grahan” according to Indian myth. However, scientifically having intercourse or not has nothing to do with the Moon.

• Do not sit on an animal! The myth does make sense. According to a study conducted on Azara’s owl and monkeys, it was found that they stopped eating, either because they felt too scared of the dark or believed in the ‘not eating during the eclipse’ phenomena. Hence, animal behavior does change during the lunar eclipse, thus sitting on them would be dangerous. Think before riding a horse during a lunar eclipse. You might break a rib or two!

Effects of the Partial Lunar Eclipse of October, 2023

The Moon will be in Taurus, with the Sun in Scorpio, making it an intense eclipse with intense effects. Scorpio surely loves change while Taurus resists it. This eclipse will bring good luck for people with lunar nodes in the Taurus-Scorpio angle.

Even the ones without their birth nodes in Taurus-Scorpio will be affected. The fixed signs will feel the most effect. These are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

Taurus rules neck region. Thus, take extra care of your neck organs during the eclipse. The eclipse will strengthen you to further your goals with determination.

However, you could feel irritable. You might find yourself holding grudges. You would also feel slow and lazy. All this would be happening due to the lunar eclipse being in Taurus.

On the other hand, some of you might feel this urge to drape in luxuries or take lavish bubble baths. Go for it! Make yourself one. Soak in it while sipping on some herbal tea. The calming effects of water will inhibit irritability caused by the eclipse. After all, Taurus is all about luxuries, bubble baths, and pampering.

Also, when you will witness the true faces of your near and dears, find yourself a shoulder to lean on. Visit a friend, or perhaps double up on a lot of pizza. Taurus loves food in all situations, good or bad. You will feel relaxed.

Do not hesitate to change. It is bound to happen anyway. Rather than resisting it, you better prepare for it.

Furthermore, the eclipse in Taurus might cause you to spend lavishly. You shall avoid this lavish behavior to avoid exceeding your budgets.

Effects of this lunar eclipse on Zodiac Signs

Effects October 2023

The eclipse occurring in a fixed sign of Taurus would thus affect the other fixed signs the most. These are Taurus itself, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.


Taurus, this Lunar eclipse will bring you face to face with your deepest fears. It will give you the much-needed strength to overcome those fears.


Leo, you shall maintain a strong emotional connection with family and friends. The eclipse is making you sentimental, and you need the support of your kith and kin. Not only this but keep a check on your finances. You might overspend.


Seek romance to tackle the emotional turmoil the eclipse makes you feel. Dissemble the bedsheets with your partner during the night. Get yourself and them wet! You would, later on, feel relieved.


Aquarius, the lunar eclipse brings for you many moments of love, joy, and romance with your partner. Watch a movie together, take a stroll in the park, or go for your favorite dessert hunt with them in the town. You will relish every moment, and it will cherish your bond with them.



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